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Patch - letters from home

Correspondence over six months from a rescued dog to Border Collie Rescue

August 2011

Hi all,

Just a quick update on our "first" Sunday together. Had a nice early start, Christopher up at 6.30 am to let me out, then breakfast at 7.00 am - yummy! I still can't get used to Granddad, I feel the need to bark at him when he goes to and from his car.

Had a lot of visitors today, Kurt's girlfriend Christina, who gives lots of lovely fuss and his friend Conor, who is OK. Not sure about Kurt, think he is disappointed about that but I was very happy to received my dinner from him this evening.

I went on a nice long walk this afternoon with Christopher, Llyn and Rod. We went to Allestree Park, Rod managed a walk too, which I understand is good because he can't walk far. Chris and Llyn took me right round the park and I had a few hello's with other dogs but I'm not allowed off the lead yet.

Llyn was wondering if I might be better going off the lead with another dog that has good recall or should I just try to 'focus' and learn recall on my own?

My family are working tomorrow ~Llyn on early shift, so won't see her until 2.15 pm, Rod back to work but I understand he doesn't get back until about 6 pm (glad he doesn't do my dinner!).

Kurt is at work but says he will come and see me at lunchtime, so it will be Christopher and me in the morning, that means a nice long walk and lots of fuss!

Well I'm dog tired now, nearly time for Bonio and bed ~ phew, had a busy day.

Love from Patch x

Hi everyone,

Had another good day. Settling into my morning routine nicely, up with Christopher, breakfast and a lovely walk.

Still can't get comfortable with Granddad but Llyn says I need to spend time with Granddad, with her being calm.

Getting to know Kurt, he gave me my dinner tonight and then took me for a run. I came back full of energy but Kurt was shattered, very funny.

I'm very tired tonight, so early to bed - not forgetting the Bonio!

Love Patch x

Hi Patch here,

Just catching up with you all as I've had a busy couple of days. Today I went to greet Rod when he came in from work, he was very pleased, I got a bit excited because everyone told me I was a good boy - then I got a bit silly, bouncing around but calmed down OK.

I'm now really good friends with Kurt, he comes home from work everyday and does my dinner - I love my dinner, then we go for a walk. Christina comes round often and we sit in the conservatory having a cuddle - hope Kurt isn't the jealous type, I know she's his girlfriend but I love her too!

Chris went to work today at 11.30 am and I was on my own until Kurt came home at lunchtime. I was glad of the peace, Llyn gets up at 4.45am on the early shift so I wake as soon as the light and kettle go on, it makes me very tired getting up so early, so managed to grab 40 winks while all my humans were out.

Llyn says that the cooking smells drive me wild, and she's right. Tonight my humans had Lasagne - oh and the smell of the mince beef was wonderful but Llyn is very wary and never leaves anything where I can get it. I 'pinched' a new potato yesterday, Llyn dropped some on the floor and before she could get to them all I managed to 'obtain' one for myself. Llyn didn't think I would eat it, but I proved her wrong - not very nice taste though.

Still haven't ventured into Granddad's but I've given up barking at him.
He waves at me through the window - Llyn says he's very silly.

When Llyn went to collect the dirty washing from Granddad's today, she left it where I could have a good old sniff. Kurt and Rod said it was very cruel of her as Granddad's socks are very smelly, I didn't mind and I know she is trying to get me used to Granddad.

I understand that there is a weekend coming up, Llyn is not working, she will be home at 11.45am tomorrow and not back to work again until 2.00 pm on Wednesday - lots of time for me.

Well the house is all quiet now, Rod in bath, Kurt out playing football, Chris in his bedroom and Llyn with me in the kitchen.
I guess she will want to use the computer so I best sign off for now.

Love and licks,


Hi all,

Well, what an exciting day! Been into Granddad's today and manage to stop for a few minutes, clever me.
I don't like it when he keeps calling my name and clicking his fingers. I know Llyn has asked him not to do this but it seems he can't help himself.

Chris and I had a long walk before a sharp shower and Llyn was home early. Chris took me on another walk this afternoon - was a little bit different as Llyn thinks I'm ready to try a little deviation on the route I know.

We walked past the Red Cow - phew, what a whiff, I remembered that Kurt smells like that on a Tuesday and Friday night after working there. Saw Christina briefly when she called for Kurt (they work together on a Friday night) but I will confess that I was far more interested in my hide chew - was delicious, well is delicious as I'm still going with it.

Met a new lady today, Jeni who is Llyn's friend, she smelt of 'dog' apparently he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Bullmastif. He is 4yrs old and loves to play, I've not met him yet as Llyn says it is too soon but looking forward to meeting him.

Got over excited today when Kurt came home and gave me my dinner but I wasn't the one who got into trouble, Llyn told Kurt off for being silly and getting me all of a dither. I told him I was sorry he got told off but he was sorry I got so excited, good to know we're still best of friends.

Llyn has asked Rod to bring his digital camera home from work so that they can take some pictures of me in my new home and then she will send then to you.

Love and licks

Patch x

Hi all,

What a busy and exciting day. Started the day with a long walk with Christopher, it was lovely but we got a soaking as there was a heavy shower. I didn't mind as I have a new towel, Llyn had washed it and it smelt of flowers but after I had had a good rub with it. It smelt a lot better - more like me.

Kurt and Christina didn't get up until 11 am, and when I heard Llyn call them lazy bones and I got excited at the thought of bones but never found any!
Kurt came out to play at about 11.30, I am very clever as I can catch the tennis ball really well when Kurt bounces it, I then run round the garden and Kurt runs after me.
I'm fairly good at bringing the ball back and I am told to 'leave', which I do most times but it is such fun to see my human's faces as they go to pick up the ball and I get there first and run off with it, it is soooooo funny (well I think it is).

Had a nice afternoon 'pottering about' after my second walk of the day. Met one of the next door neighbours, Anna, she was lovely.
She has two dogs, Betty and Buttercup, they are quite noisy as I hear Anna telling them to be quiet. It might be because she has a baby and the dogs barking might wake her up.

I treated Kurt to my belly, Llyn said he should be really honoured as dogs roll over as a sign of surrender - not sure I was surrendering, just wanted a belly rub

The most exciting part of the day was a trip to Pets At Home, I have had lots of new things including a collar with my name and address, another bouncy ball, flying ring, new grooming brush (to get to my undercoat), and a Kong.
I have the black one for heavy chewers, had it stuffed with low fat treats but I managed to get them out within the hour so Rod said no more treats inside - boo hoo.

Llyn and Rod are looking at a memory foam mattress for my cage, not sure what it is but Rod seems to think it will be comfy, so OK with me.

Well as you can guess I'm dog tired so I'll say goodnight

Love and licks

Patch x

A very good morning to you all,

Apologies for not writing sooner, I haven't been able to get on the computer as Llyn has been writing a 'presentation' (whatever that is) for work. Apparently she has an interview on Thursday another position within the hospital.

Well. enough about humans lets talk about me.
I have had a new cage, a lot bigger than the other one. But Rod says the smaller one is ideal for taking me out in the car.

I've not been out in the since the epic journey from York but Rod seems that I've settled enough for a short trip, just to see how I cope. I also have a new bed, lovely and comfy - it's memory foam. Still prefer to lie in the middle of the kitchen floor at full stretch, especially if Llyn is cooking!

Yesterday Llyn was ringing round for pet insurance, didn't like the conversation, talking about vets and being ill so I left the kitchen and went to bed. We also have a dog trainer coming on Wednesday 24th, I think he's training my humans to recall me properly - I do have problems with them The dog trainer has a border collie called Pip, who he brings with him, looking forward to meeting her.

On Sunday evening when Kurt and me went for our usual walk, I had a bit of a play with another border collie. I was on a really long leash and could run around, he was tempted to let me off as the other collie recalled well but thought better of it.
But I really enjoyed my time playing. Kurt complained to Llyn and Rod that it wasn't fair to me when I had found a playmate I couldn't play properly but Llyn explained the dangers of me getting lost etc. and he could see why.

I enjoy my days with Chris, pottering about and a couple of nice walks. I have breakfast at 7 am, and a walk at 7.30 am - Chris likes this walk because we see the same people day after day and most speak to me and Chris.
We go again at 1.30 pm and then Kurt is back at 5.10 pm and gives me my dinner and takes me for a run! Don't know why he insists on running part of the way, when we get back he looks like he's run a marathon - still keeps him happy.

I'm very good at catching a ball now and I quite like the football, however, the flying ring that Llyn bought me I don't like.
I say don't like, I won't catch it or chase it, thought it would be good for a chew on but now its been taken away.

Chris' girlfriend is coming to meet me today, Lauren, she has a boxer dog . From what I hear his is a bit slobbery and bounces about everywhere, very undignified, gives us dog a bad name!

Enjoy your day,

Love and licks

Patch x

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop you a line about my day. Been full of new experiences.
Starting with morning's second walk with Llyn, was on a long leash and had a play with another 'rescue' dog, then Llyn walked me round past the church in the village, next Red Cow pub, people were going into church and the bells were ringing - what a racket!

The nearer we got, the louder it got. I was glad to move on but not until I'd had a fuss off several people going in.

We went home and Llyn got a 'contraption' (blender) out to make a fruit smoothie, well you've never heard anything like it. My poor ears, I was barking at it and bouncing around until it stopped - that showed it who's boss.

Next we had someone come to my house called Robert, had a box of funny looking things, apparently he had come to cut Rod's hair??? I've never seen anything like it in my life, there was Rod on a chair and clumps of hair all over the floor! I thought it was only my hair that was on the floor - not sure I like the competition.

After all my experiences, I was naturally tired, but I was having carpet fitted in the bottom of my cage (so my bed doesn't move about when I get on it) and I couldn't go to bed.

Kurt arrived home at around five, not seen him all day, I understand he didn't come home all night so he must have a really long lead. We had a lovely walk round Allestree park and the lake - if he's that keen on the water, why doesn't he go in??
I'm NOT interested, stupid boy! Had my yummy dinner and been dozing all evening, hard life you know.

Well off to bed now cos my tummy says it Bonio time.

Love and licks

Patch x

Hello all,

Hope you are enjoying this lovely sunny afternoon. I am struggling to keep my eyes open - so tired.
Had a busy morning, breakfast, early walk and then lots of visitors.

A lady who lives near and works with Llyn wanted to come and meet me, then another of Llyn's colleagues called in with her daughter as she had taken the eldest one to school to collect GCSE results - daughter rang up crying, but apparently she had done really well and got the grades she needs - you humans are strange!!

After all the visitors left Llyn and I went for a walk - she was so pleased with me that after we had been round Allestree rec, she decided that we would go through the woods (one of my favourite places - oh the smells) and then round Allestree lake. We were out for about 1 hour 20mins and poor Llyn was very tired.

What I wanted to let you know about is that I was "off the lead" for a while today - admittedly by accident at first but because I never ran away and came to Llyn when she called, she let me continue for a while.

I have had so much praise, not to mention 4 baby carrots and I've been forgiven for having 2 poo's on the walk when Llyn had only 1 poo bag. I thought something exciting was happening as Llyn put her hand in a bin but it was only to find a suitable alternative to use as a poo bag. Oh, she did moan but like I say all forgiven now.

I feel very proud of myself, the way I behaved with the visitors and out on the walk. My eyes are getting really heavy now , so I'm off for a nap before my 'daft mate' Kurt returns from work.

Love and licks


PS didn't bark at granddad today but Llyn thinks it's because I was distracted!

Hello all,

Just a quick update about my day. Its been raining heavily here most of the day, Chris and I got very wet both this morning and at lunchtime on our walks, my towel has gone into the wash so it will come back to me smelling of 'flowers' instead of me, yuk!

Have some news on Granddad, I went in to see him this evening with Llyn. I managed to stay in the lounge with him and Llyn for about 10 mins. Llyn left the internal and external door open to give me a bit of confidence.
I felt better when I could see a way out.

Granddad was told not to whistle me or click his fingers, so that was better for me. I braved going up to him and got a carrot stick for a reward, so I tried again and joy of joys another carrot.
Llyn said no more and Granddad said he didn't think I would go to him without, felt a bit sorry for him so I braved it and had a quick stroke. Wasn't too bad and I thought I would try again, I did and everyone told me I was clever but then I got a bit carried away and ran round like a looney at which point Llyn said I needed to go out and calm down.

Despite that, I feel very proud of myself and I will try another visit tomorrow.

I'm off to bed now as it past my bedtime and I would hate to miss my Bonio!

Love and licks

Patch x

Hello all

Hope you've had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Been interesting weekend here. I got a new toy on Friday, I love my blue mini, even though it doesn't squeak anymore, so I got another toy a squeaky apple core.
It just wasn't the same as my mini - so I'm sorry to say I destroyed it! Only lasted 20 mins before it was in bits and then in the bin.

Llyn has been working 6 am - 2 pm since Friday so I get a bit disturbed when she gets up at 4.45 am - very annoying but I make up with an afternoon nap (usually along with Llyn!) My recall is coming on nicely, lots of practice and loads of praise when I do well.

Yesterday Rod was going to take me out in the car, however, I didn't want get in - I refused.
Llyn said to leave it because I was getting a bit upset. I didn't know where I was going and the last time I was in the car I ended up a long from what I knew.

However, today Kurt drove Llyn's car to the back of house and left the doors open and with a bit of play and encouragement I was soon going in and out of the car.
We will try sitting in it some more tomorrow as I get ready for a trip to the vet on Wednesday 3.30 pm.

I'm off now as getting towards Bonio time - yummy.

Love and licks

Patch x

September 2011

Morning all,

Hope you all had a good weekend, I know I did.
Saturday morning was my first time off the lead and playing with another dog, Molly, a little terrier. Boy, she can run fast - I must confess I was a bit out of condition but we had a lovely long play while Llyn and Molly's owner chatted. Got home and went straight to sleep - even took myself to bed!

Sunday, Llyn wanted to repeat the experience but sadly we didn't see Molly or indeed any other dogs but I did walk the whole way round the rec off my lead.
Monday morning we met a 2.5 year old boxer called Maddie, I got a play with her but she was a bit rough and boisterous - so I soon lost interest and Llyn put me on my lead and we went the opposite way.

Monday evening Llyn came with Kurt and me for our usual evening walk. Kurt was cross because Llyn kept talking to me and calling me back - Kurt said it wasn't helpful as he was supposed to be learning how to call me back.
I'm not very good at coming back for Kurt or Chris but Llyn says it's their problem because she doesn't have a problem with me, it is true if you give me an inch I'll take a mile!

This morning Llyn and me have had the best walk ever.
All the way round the rec off my lead, bit of a play with two dogs (they were more interested in balls, boo) and then we walked to Allestree Park. I was on the lead going to the park and also down to the lake, met another dog, we had a sniff and a hello but neither of us was bothered about playing.

Across the open park Llyn kept me on the lead but once down near the lake I was off.
It was lovely walking and sniffing along, kept my eye on my human, wouldn't want her to get lost.
I walked all the way back to the road off my lead - are you impressed???

Llyn was ~ when we got back she went into Kurt's bedroom to tell hm all about it - good job it was 8.10 am and he needed to get up for work

Usually after my morning walk, I have a quick rub with my towel, clean my paws and then settle down for a sleep but today I'm so tired I'm going straight to sleep after this email.

Llyn says she has sent you a cheque, hope you got it OK. I'm going to get my head down now ~ yawn.

Love and licks

Patch xx

Hello all

Just a quick update, can't type for long as I'm very tired today - hectic weekend!

Saturday was a normal sort of day except that Kurt was in trouble for not letting anyone know he had gone to his friend's and wouldn't be home - it's against house rules not to let someone know what you are doing, Llyn says it's rude and a lack of respect.
Anyway, didn't see him until Sunday evening when he came back, tail between his legs (if you know what I mean).

I wasn't very sure about the scooter at first but I soon thought it was OK.
Llyn thinks I might be able to go out for a small walk with Rod on his own, as I walk beautifully on the lead.
We were out for ages, good hour and half and I'd had a play with another dog - was ready for my snooze when we got back. Rod had obviously got the bug for going out as I got another long walk about 4.30 pm.
Unfortunately when Kurt came back he took me out, that was about 7.30 pm. Rod had to ring him at 8 pm and tell him to come back - I mean I love my walks but there is a limit!

This morning I found Molly, little black terrier, on the Rec and had a good half an hour run about, she is great fun but very naughty. She pinched another dogs ball this morning and then ran round and round the Rec, refusing to come back - me.
I didn't really know what was happening but was just enjoying the run

The other dog finally got fed up and growled at Molly and she dropped the ball and rolled over - her human was not too happy with her so that was the end of playtime.
Llyn and I went round Allestree Park and lake and I had my usual sniff around the woods and now I'm dog tired.

Well, that really is all I have time for, my eyes are getting heavy and ~ I need to snooze, I'm off to dream about running.

Carrot and Bonios ~ yummy.

Love and licks

Patch x

Hello everyone.

Aren't humans an inconvenience! Just as I'm about to write an email, the postman arrives and I need to go and bark - in all the excitement, I pressed the send button.

Anyway, job done now, gave him his usual bark - just to let him know whose boss.

Had a really good week so far, lots of walks, playing and being off the lead.
Met Hartley yesterday afternoon (got an additional walk as Llyn had been at college all day and wanted to get out), he is a golden retriever and MAD. I couldn't keep up with him.
I was fascinated when he ran straight into the lake and he tried everything to get me to join him but I'm not for getting wet.
When he got out (and back in several times) he looked all be-draggled, that's not for me, I have my image to think of.

Today, we have been a different route into the woods and whilst I was a bit too 'enthusiastic' walking on the lead.
I was very good off it. Came back twice when called and there were other dogs, nearly managed the whole walk around the lake off the lead.
Llyn noticed that I respond quite well to 'wait' as a command rather Patch for the first call, when I have waited, if she calls me by my name I usually respond ~ often get a bit of carrot.

Llyn was wondering if you had managed to send the harness, as it hasn't arrived yet.
Mind you, I wouldn't go in the car today. Llyn took her car in for a service to a local garage, the plan was to go in the car to garage, then walk to Allestree park from there.
But I didn't want to go in the car ~ not even with the promise of carrot! In the end Chris walked me to the garage and Llyn drove and then joined us.

Well, I'm off to bark at Granddad, as he is taking Chris to work this afternoon, after that I'm getting ready for Llyn's friend Jeni coming ~ need to bark at her too!

It's non stop with this barking job. Must dash, doors just opened.............

Love and licks


Hello all

Hope you are all well and had a good weekend end - mine was not the best!

Saturday was OK, nothing out of the ordinary - walk with Chris early as Llyn at work 6-2, out with Llyn at about 3.00pm for about hour and half. The only difference was Llyn gave me my dinner as Kurt had gone to Nottingham to watch Derby County play Nottingham Forest and wasn't coming home at night.

What a difference 24 hours makes. Sunday morning out with Chris, in the afternoon Rod and Llyn were taking me out.
I got very excited and when Llyn went into Granddad's to tell we were off I 'forgot' myself and stole a pear that was on Granddad's trolley.

Got over that problem, and went on our walk but to be honest I was in a bit of a 'devil may care' mood.
When we got to the woods I really didn't want to listen to Llyn calling me back and had to be told off then I saw an opportunity to have some 'fun' and ran through a gap in the trees straight in onto the golf course!
There were golfers on the green with trolleys, I thought it would be good to go and investigate ~ despite being called back and offered a treat.
Got put on my lead

We walked on for a while and then Rod's scooter came to a halt.
After waiting a while, Rod tried the scooter and it started again - the decision was taken to make our way home.
Unfortunately, the scooter didn't make it home, it stopped in the woods!

Rod had to walk out of the woods and leave the scooter. Rod walked all the way home with Llyn and me on a lead - which was difficult because Rod needs to walk on Llyn's left and that confused me.
I was a bit put out at Rod walking instead of being on the scooter and also walking on the wrong side. So I was a bit a nuisance.

Very long story short, we got home after an hour, Rod was shattered.
Kurt and Chris went to recover the scooter and all ended well. My 'funny' mood continued into the evening and I had to go to bed without my Bonio

Well today is another day, and I know that I'm forgiven.

Love and licks

Patch x

Hello everybody.

Just wanted to share the news that Rod's scooter has been repaired ~ and he's still prepared to go out again this weekend!
It wasn't anything major and I'd hardly finished barking at the man and he was done and going home.

I have been very calm the last two days after my 'mad' Sunday. Llyn thinks it was because my routine was lost, and I was worried about Rod walking.
I've been out and about with Chris, who now lets me off the lead but only when there are no other dogs about, think he's worried I won't come back (I always do, just to some people quicker than others).

Kurt lets me off to play with a dog we see most evenings on our walk.
Kurt got very upset the other night as I wasn't 'listening' too well and a lady walking her dog said "glad to see you've got an obedient dog" ~ Kurt was quick to defend me, verbally of course, so I came back to see what all the fuss was about, couldn't have been better timing as Kurt was saying I DO come back and then I did.

Llyn told him not to get involved if silly people make comments but Kurt loves me very much and will always defend me!

He is trying to get me to walk next to him off the lead ~ silly boy thought he was getting somewhere yesterday but it was the treat in his trouser pocket I was after, honestly humans are funny!

Well I'm just about to go out for my evening constitutional (more like a MAD hour) with Kurt, so will be in touch soon.

Love and licks

Patch x

Hello all.

Hope you are all well and had a good weekend, Llyn tells me you were away at a show. I'm just letting you know that I've been a 'bit off colour' this weekend

Out on my early morning walk with Chris on Saturday, I found something in a hedge bottom and decided to eat it - bad mistake! By the time we got home I was feeling a bit off, but I went to bed to sleep.
When Kurt got up and wanted to take me out, about 1 pm, I was feeling REALLY sorry for myself. Just for his benefit I tried to go for a walk but not far from home I decided that I couldn't continue and we returned home.

Kurt rang Llyn at work as he was very worried about me, Llyn said to give me plenty of water and let me sleep and she would take a view as to what action was needed when she came home at 2.30 pm.
This was OK but my humans needed to understand that I wasn't feeling great and I needed lots and lots of attention.
So, out came the baleful look, the sympathy inducing lift of the paw and the inability to stand up - I was a sorry state.
This worked a treat on Kurt who sat/lay with me, talking to me and fussing me, he was even going to cancel going to the football match but then Llyn came home!

She told Kurt to go the match and she would keep her eye on me, I heard mention of the Vet, so I went to bed out of the way.
With Kurt gone and 'acting' not working on Llyn, I did rally and felt better after my sleep, enough for a quick walk to the Rec and back - nothing to arduous. Then Kurt came home, joy of joys, all of a sudden I was 'very ill ' again and he lay down with me and talked and fussed me - bliss!

Llyn and Rod think I deserve an Oscar, not sure what one is but if its edible I'd like it!
I'm now fully recovered and have decided not to rummage in hedgerows.

Llyn has picked up the morning walks this week, as her shifts allow, and we have been miles through Allestree park and round the lake. I spent ages this morning trying to get Brandy, an 8yr old golden Labrador to play with me.
Apparently she is anti-social but will tolerate certain dogs, of which I'm one, but she won't play - weird or what???

Well, ready for my snooze as I'm fed, walk and brushed - I need my beauty sleep, although Llyn calls me her beauty boy all the time.

Love and licks

Patch x

October 2011

Hello all.

Glad it's the weekend Llyn is off work for the next four and half days ~ great!
She has been very tired this week and we have only been out once this week, don't worry I've been taking Kurt out for some mega walks, and Chris has gone with me in a morning and lunchtime.

Today Llyn and Rod took me out on Rod's new scooter, it's made for going off road, through the woods. We have had some lovely sunshine today and so we headed off Allestree Park. We walked a long way and then headed to the open park.
Llyn approached a couple with a small dog that was running really fast and asked if I could join in, which I did.
We ran and played for ages. It was the first time Rod has seen me play!

He was happy that I'd had a good play and very pleased that he had been a part of it. I know that sometimes he feels he can't get as 'involved' with me as he would like and this makes him a bit sad
On a happier note Granddad had his new scooter delivered Friday but he's not been out on it yet.
Here's hoping I get to go too!

Not sure what the weather is going to be tomorrow but if it's nice there will the usual rush of people to take me out.

Enjoy your weekend.

Love and licks

Patch x

Hello all,

Just had a lovely morning playing with Scooby, my friend who is a staffie/bull mastiff cross.
We have been out for about 2 hours and I even got my feet wet!
I follow him EVERYWHERE, and he likes to paddle, not a pastime I normally indulge in, but it seems to be fun for him, so I gave it a try.

He did get a good telling off for messing about with a dead pigeon.
I didn't like the look of it - Llyn said it was very unusual as I never normally pass on the chance to eat something I shouldn't.
I'm shattered, my white underside is still dirty, can't be bothered to wash - job for later

I have a new memory foam bed, that is going to be in the garage.
Llyn is a bit concerned that Rod doesn't get his 'share' of me and he has said he would like me to join him when he is pottering about in his garage/workshop.
The garage is, what Llyn calls a 'blokes zone', and she doesn't go in there often. I do go in, being one of the lads, and it's very nice, carpet on the floor, pictures on the walls of planes and cars, fully heated and insulated - no wonder Llyn doesn't see Rod for ages.
But my bed will make the whole garage experience a bit more comfortable for me.

Kurt, who Llyn has renamed My Daft Mate, has been lying with me in the new bed, just to get me used to it - I don't think there is anything this lad won't do for me, sucker!

I have learnt to open Granddad's door, Rod thinks it's clever, Granddad loves it but Llyn's not happy.
If she goes into the garden, I always follow, but now I open Granddad's door and give his kitchen floor a quick going over - amazing what you find in there!

Must go, the lunchtime carer is due, and I need to be ready to bark - just to let her know I'm here.

Love and licks
Patch x

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well. I need to get out of Llyn's way for a few minutes, so thought I'd drop you a quick line.

Llyn is trying to cook one of her vegetable stews (she makes a huge pot full, then takes it in to work when she is on a late shift) but the sight, sound and smell are driving me demented. I'm bouncing round the kitchen, getting under her feet, barking at the stew pot and bringing all my toys into the kitchen and leaving them so Llyn can trip over!

I can't help myself, it's always the same when the big black pot comes out I do get the top of the carrots and the odd bit of parsnip for a treat but if you could see all the yummy things in that pot...........uuummmmmm how I wish I could have some ~ well, I say some, I'd like to eat it all!

I'm fine going out at night, after a few nights of not being sure I seem to have got used to the dark. Llyn says have to see what I'm like when clocks go back next week.
Twice recently I have not wanted to go on my early walk with Chris. I get so far and then want to come back, I've done this with Kurt also but never with Llyn.

Llyn thinks that I'm 'trying it on' just to show whose in control, Rod thinks I'm a bit of a 'lounge lizard' and sometimes don't feel like a walk. Either way, the boys and I have been told that if there is no physical problem, I'm not coming home - I'm continuing with the walk.
Let's see shall we????

I've grown a lovely thick winter coat and now the weather is mild again - so doing my best to shed it again, much to Llyn's irritation.
At least I don't mind the hoover, i do have a 'stand off' with it if it wants to be where I am, but it usually wins - only because I let it.

Well the stew is bubbling away and I am much calmer now - time for a snooze I think.

Love and licks

Patch x

November 2001

Hello everyone.

Hope you are all OK, wanted to drop you a line about my weekend.

Llyn was working the weekend on 6-2 shift, but both Saturday and Sunday.
Rod was waiting when she got home, scooter and coat at the ready! Rod has been enjoying taking his scooter down all kinds of tracks and through woods on Allestree park, we've had some glorious weather too. Saturday we had a lot of rain overnight, so although Sunday was sunny and bright the fields were very muddy.
Not that it bothered me, Llyn was less than impressed about the state of me but she looked a state too - her wellies were covered in mud.

This was because Rod has discovered he can slide the scooter in mud, Llyn says it's like he's rallying - whatever that is????  It makes him very happy.
Another thing he likes to do is put the bag of chopped up carrot in the basket at the front of scooter and drive off with me chasing him - I don't mind I get my reward carrot when he stops.
The scooter was caked in mud by the time we got home, so Llyn got the hose pipe on it (and her wellies) but I was having none of it. Don't like getting wet, so I had to be washed down with a wet cloth and dried straight away.

I go into the garage every night now, if Llyn is in I don't really settle for more than about three quarters of an hour, then I like to be with her, but if she is at work on late shift, I'm happy to spend all evening in there.
Llyn said it's a complete BLOKES zone, Rod has his comfy chair and a can of beer and I've got my own water bowl and bed in there - plus a bag of carrots that Rod thinks Llyn doesn't know about.

I have had a new dog tag as I recently lost mine, got it from a huge pet shop on a retail park.
They had got lots of 'presents' for pets for Christmas, when Llyn told Rod and Kurt what she had seen, they both said NO - don't be so silly, you don't buy dogs Christmas presents.

Llyn not happy - relations with Rod and Kurt a bit frosty, glad I've got a fur coat.
She keeps telling me that she wants Christmas to be special for me too - silly woman, what do I know about Christmas, I'm a dog - and a male one at that!!!!

Had my worming tablets on Saturday, Llyn made Rod give them me, so that I could be upset with him when I didn't get my breakfast as I usually do. Llyn made sure she gave me the evening meal.
It's very funny having all these humans vying for my attention.
Not long before my daft mate arrives, so I'll say goodbye and get ready for a MAD half an hour.

Love and licks,

Patch xx


Just a very quick note to say THANK YOU for the calendars and cards.
Was lovely to see the dogs and great to read that some have been as lucky as me and found a loving home!

Keep up the wonderful work you all do and be proud.

Love and licks,

Patch xx

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend - I did. Was out and about with Rod and Llyn both Saturday and Sunday. Weather was really good.

Llyn is off until Wednesday, and then on late's, which means I get to go out with her every morning but I hope the rest of the week is better than the start we've got off to!!
This morning started as normal, off the to park, through the little wood and down to the lake, anti-clock wise round the lake, then into the middle wood through the car park and across the golf course and headed towards the big wood.
However, Llyn in her wisdom, decided to try and find the path through the old quarry, which she did.
What she couldn't find was the way out!!

We walked for ages and came out in a village called Quarndon - not where we were supposed to be.
We turned round and walked back into the wood (Llyn didn't want to walk down the roads). I was having a great time, sniffing and running through the woods but Llyn was getting a bit stressed.
She kept going on about needing the loo, wanting a cup of tea and trying to find the way home!

Honestly, I think she needs a sat nav, she said I should be able to help her find the way home - as if! I was far too busy.
We got to where Llyn recognised path that took us back to the golf course we had cut across about an hour before - humans!

Anyway, we are home now but I'm shattered, the walk was about an hour longer than we normally do. Llyn has stopped stressing and had a cup of tea. Maybe she will learn not to stray from the usual paths.

Off to sleep now, 2 hours and 40 mins of walking and I'm done - carer just gone into Granddad's - can't be bothered to bark!

Love and licks,

Patch x

Hello everyone.

Hope you have had a good weekend - my week/weekend has been a little bit different.

Christopher has been away for a few days. Llyn has not been at work until this weekend, so that I've not been on my own.
Chris back tomorrow, so I'm off to Granddad's today at 1.45 pm until Kurt is home at 5 pm - ish. I have been getting better at stopping with Granddad especially when I'm very tired.
Llyn and I have been out for a really long walk this morning and just got back from a play!
In an evening I am now waiting for Rod to get back from work, ready to go in the garage with him - he loves the company, but so do I!

This morning we managed to find our way through the old quarry but it was a quagmire!
Llyn's wellies might look pretty but they are pretty useless. They leaked not only water but mud - I don't know what she complains about, I've got four feet that get muddy and wet and you don't hear me complaining!

Well must get on, hope Granddad has a good supply of carrots.

Love and licks,

Patch x

Hello everyone,

Just a little email to catch up.

There's a new girl on the scene. Kurt is seeking Harriet. He used to go to school with her (apparently he never took any notice of her when they were there) and she came round on Sunday
Not one to moan but I never saw him all afternoon - I was a bit put out as it's usually OUR time.
Llyn says it's what happens when 'girls' are around. She had to get used to it and so will I.
Kurt did spend half an hour with me after she left about 9.00 pm, lots of fuss plus a carrot - decided to forgive him. However, he told me that she is a dog groomer and I'm not sure how I feel - all that preening, not for me, hope they don't try!!

Llyn and I have had some epic walks the last few days.
The wellies are well and truly dead and the walking boots are now in use. Doesn't solve the problem with her feet - last walk we did she was wearing the 'wrong' socks and got a blister which burst and was bleeding by the time we got home.
Still it doesn't put her off and I'm on a promise (of a long walk) tomorrow.
Took Chris out twice today as Llyn was at college all day but she will be home at 2.20 pm tomorrow.

Rod has been doing some training with me. I am now very good in the garage. When he stands up to go, I wait at the back of garage until he has opened the door and calls me. I was a bit impatient before and tried to get out first, he was worried I might knock him over but I've got the idea now.

Llyn has had some success with sitting calmly and quietly with me and this has made me listen a bit more when I'm out - not perfect but there is definite improvement.
I walked past the red and white collie yesterday after Llyn shouted quite firmly 'walk on'.
She was very pleased with me especially as Jack's owner commented on my poor behaviour last time and then witnessed me being good, although when I met a golden retriever bit further on couldn't resist running round and round it.

I've fallen out with Granddad. I go in every night with Rod.
We come out of garage and then go and see granddad but last night I'm not sure what was wrong but I didn't want him to stroke me, so he didn't give me my carrot so I decided to tell him I wasn't happy about not getting my carrot.
Then he said I definitely wasn't getting my carrot because I was barking at him.
I lay down at Rod feet, as I always do in granddads, but couldn't settle so Rod let me go home.
Not been in to granddad's today but Rod will go in later and I'll see how I feel.

Well, I'm off to the garage and maybe grandad's, so take care.

Love and licks,

Patch x

December 2011

Good morning all,

Hope you are all fit and well this lovely morning.

Been out with Llyn this morning, it was cold and frosty and I was very excited about going out but you humans take AGES to get ready - socks, boots, scarf, coat, hat and gloves - for goodness sake, hurry up!!

Llyn kept telling me it would be a shock going out because it was cold. I looked at her and barked, trying to tell her I'm part Husky, I don't care about the cold, in fact I love it.
We had the most lovely walk, saw a heron on the lake, and Llyn was watching a Robin for a few minutes, not for me bird watching too many smells to smell.

We met a Border Collie called Ben who is 3.5 yrs and a rescue dog. He was left all day in a small yard and then got taken to a rescue centre when his owners separated but he has a happy home now - I like happy endings.
Had a good play and even responded to SIT followed by CARROT, when Llyn decided to end play time - she was VERY pleased with me.

Off we went to the woods, love it in there.
Llyn tried to go a different route (short cut, I think) but I was having none of it - I know the way we go, that's the way I like to go and indeed it was the way we ended up going.
Rod says he has never known a dog who knows his own mind like I do. There's no secret, my humans like to think they are in charge but really I call the shots!
I can also tell the time, when it gets to 9.50 pm, I get up and remind Rod that there is 10mins to Bonio & Bed time - makes him smile because I'm never wrong with my timing.

I can get Rod and Granddad to melt as soon as I do my hang dog expression and lift my paw.
Kurt is a little jealous I think because when Llyn was talking to a lady, who works with Kurt, the lady said Kurt had told her that Rod is softer with me than he ever was with Kurt and Chris when they were little.
Llyn said it wasn't true but then said it was probably right but that was because I'm a dog and they were little humans and raising children is different to raising a dog.
Kurt remains unconvinced.

They all love me so, I don't really mind.
Time for a snooze as the sun is shining in the conservatory and I like to lie where the sun comes in - aaargh, lovely

Love and Licks,

Patch x

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all OK.

I'm shattered - lovely long walk this morning in the frost, very nice, Although I'm tired, I'm also a little put out!
My human Llyn, seems to be on some sort of 'mission' to introduce the dogs of Allestree (and their humans) to carrots as a treat.
Now, I'm sure that you remember how much I LOVE carrots, and all my humans take a supply of carrots with them when we walk - because if I have a moment of 'temporary' hearing loss, it usually comes back when someone shouts the word CARROT (hee hee, they fall for it every time!).

This morning I was playing with Ralph. He's a Staffie who loves to run round. I like him.
He has a sister, Lucy, who was a rescue dog, apparently they had her for breeding one litter after another and although she isn't very sociable, she likes carrot. Well, to be precise MY carrot!!

Ralph is as bad - THREE bits he had this morning. Why? Because Llyn though he looked 'cute' when begging.
I ask you, don't I look 'cute'????? Yesterday, I met a new friend called Leo, Labrador/Staffie, and Llyn introduced him to the delights of carrot after his human said she didn't like to give him too many doggy treats. So that was several pieces of MY carrot gone!

The day before, we met a little terrier, whose name escapes me. His human commented on how well I came back for a piece of carrot and said her dog would never eat carrot as he was so fussy. Llyn tried him with carrot and, yes you've guessed it, he ate it!

Well, enough is enough, this is MY carrot for ME - Llyn seems to feeding the whole of Allestree, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I'm not happy.

Today when we got to the back door I refused to go in until I got a piece of carrot - ha ha, that showed 'em.

Love and licks,

Patch x

Good Morning everyone,

I thought I would drop you a line about the last few days!
We had 'Christmas Day' yesterday, as Llyn is working 2 pm-10 pm on the 25th Dec, what a performance!

Saturday was a flurry of activity, wrapping presents and food shopping - I think Llyn had bought enough to feed the British Army but she was complaining about having forgotten things.
Sunday started off very odd. Llyn got up BEFORE me and put the turkey in the oven. Chris took me out for a walk because Llyn had lots to do - wasn't happy. Don't mind Chris taking me but if Llyn is around I want to go with her so went a bit begrudgingly.

When I got back the smell in the kitchen was fab, but it drove me mad.
Sometime later another piece of meat went into the oven (pork, I believe) - more smells, more madness.
Breakfast was done, again new smells to me - bit of a black mood descended over breakfast as Kurt as supposed to be back from his friends in time for breakfast and celebrations of the day.
By 10.30 am he still wasn't back, Rod rang him and reminded him he needed to be back, Llyn not happy.

Rod and Chris went off to collect Granddad Bernard and Uncle Glyn. Not met them before. Granddad Wallace was coming in too.
I'm afraid it wasn't the best of greetings.
I didn't know who they were, Kurt and his mate turned up at about the same time and I was over excited and stressed.
Got put in my cage until I calmed down, which I did. I was fine with everyone until they wanted to move.
Granddad B tried a trip to the toilet but there was no way I wanted him to move off the sofa!

I usually follow Llyn EVERYWHERE round the house but I wasn't able to do that as I had to keep my eyes on the 'new people'. Still the smells were tormenting me and when the time came to carve and serve the dinner.
I had to leave the kitchen as it was winding me up.

My stress levels were through the roof, was barking at everything - Rod ordered everyone into the lounge out of the kitchen and conservatory to give me time to settle as there were people, wrapping paper and presents all over the place.
Keeping track of people was very difficult.
Rod sat with me for a while and I felt better. Kurt took me out for a walk about 3pm and I got my dinner as usual about 5 pm.

It was 9.30 pm by the time the last guests left - that was a full day barking and not sleeping - I was shattered.
Rod put me to bed with my Bonio as soon as everyone had gone and I slept soundly all night until Llyn woke me at 6.30 am.
This morning things are back to normal, had a lovely long walk with Llyn and I'm now ready for a snooze.
I'm now on my Christmas treats, I get a mixture of carrot and parsnip instead of just carrot, yummy.

Well, if that was Christmas, you can keep it! So glad I'm not a human - too much stress!

Love and licks

Patch x

Hello everyone,

Sorry this is a bit late, but Merry Christmas!

My human, Llyn, has worked all through the Christmas period and unfortunately forgot to leave the laptop so I could use it.
I've had some nice presents - dental sticks, low fat treats and of course my beloved Bonio's, yummy.
I opened my presents with Rod and Chris on Christmas Day, Llyn and Kurt had opened theirs the Sunday before because of Llyn going to work on Christmas Day.

I have been on my daily walks with Chris but he is going away for 3 days from tomorrow, so get Llyn back - great.
Kurt has been absent since about last Thursday, dropping in to get changed or a shower and gone again. No one seems bothered by this, although I'm not too happy.
He is working tonight at the Red Cow so I'm hoping he is home this afternoon and he can spend some time with me - kids, eh?

Rod has opened his present from Llyn, which was a portrait of me - I look very handsome and Rod was pleased with it.
Needs framing now.
When Kurt is around Llyn says she will be able to send you a picture of the portrait but she doesn't know how to do it.

Well, end of my news except to say that I've developed a taste for melon - lovely.
Got some by accident and now if I see Llyn with any I beg and cry, not that it does any good.

Happy New Year to you all.

Love and licks,

Patch x

January 2012

Hello everyone,

Thought I would drop you all a line to wish you a Happy New Year. I've been promised a happy new year, every year, for the rest of my life - hope that means lots of love and carrots.

On New Year's day, as Llyn was going to work at 5.35 am - Kurt was just coming in after his night out, he told her he was working at Red Cow from 2.00 pm that afternoon and when she had finished work to call in, bring Chris and me.
Llyn said that I wouldn't like it and it wasn't a good idea to take me - but the silly boy told her we'd been going in there for months!
Well, she went up the wall, I thought "your on your own mate" and went to bed. Kurt said to take me in and see for herself.

Llyn, Chris and me went out for a walk about 4.00 pm and then headed to the pub about 4.45 pm.
There was another dog in there, someone I knew. We said hello and then I greeted my 'friends'. Llyn was amazed, she thought I'd be stressed and upset - but I've done this before, ha ha.

Sophie, the young barmaid called out "is Patch here", Llyn assumed that she was coming to fuss me but I knew what was coming! She went to the kitchen and came back with a small pot, used for putting sauces/dips in, full of carrot sticks, yummy.
I then went through the usual routine of paw and other paw until I'd eaten all the carrots. More people arrived, more fuss and people shouting hello.
Llyn's chin was on the floor - very funny.

I've a new nickname now, Rod calls me Pub Dog because Kurt is Pub Man 1 and Chris is Pub Man 2.
Yesterday when Rod got home Chris and I were at the pub, we don't normally go in unless Kurt is working (Tues and Thurs evenings) but Chris is obviously getting braver. We only had the one, but Sophie was working and I got me carrots.

I'm not very popular with the hoover, I am shedding my hair everywhere, despite being groomed twice a day.
Llyn said if she had kept it all she would have enough to cover another dog - so if you know of any dogs suffering from hair loss or thinning, send them to me, they can have my surplus.

Not looking forward tomorrow, the man is coming (weather permitting) to fix the leak in the conservatory.
The leak appeared after the bad winds and heavy rain a few days ago. Llyn says the morning walk may be delayed until the man arrives and then she will take me out and hopefully he will be done by the time we get back.

The lights in the garage have been fixed and things can get back to normal, Rod and I were sat 'drinking' our beer in the kitchen last night because of a problem with the lights but all sorted now.

Well, got a quiet afternoon, Chris at Saturday Club (a club for children with disabilities. He used to go there but now he's older he volunteers to help out) and Kurt is at football  - Derby at home to Crystal Palace in FA Cup.
Llyn and Rod are off to picture framers after taking Chris. Will be ready for my walk when they get back.

Enjoy the rest of weekend, and remember be like me, not too many trips to the pub!

Love and licks,

Patch x

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well.

My humans are nearly back to being fighting fit. Kurt and Llyn have been very poorly.
Kurt was poorly just after his birthday and had to have three days off work - I didn't see him for a few days as he was in bed from the Sunday to Tuesday, then Llyn started with it on the Wednesday and struggled on to get to work on late shifts, finishing tomorrow for a week of annual leave.
I'm really please that Llyn is on leave and feeling better, this means that we can have our early morning walks. She has not been able to take me while feeling ill. Don't get me wrong I like going out with Chris but it's just not the same.

Llyn and I managed a walk late morning today. It was still frosty and cold but very sunny - perfect walking conditions.
Llyn says (personally, I don't care what the weather is doing).
On our walk round the lake, we came to where there is a bench in memory of Rod's cousin Andy Frome. Llyn was surprised to find that another bench had been sited next to it. On closer inspection, she realised that it was in memory of Rod's other cousin and Andy's brother Paul, who died in early December.

She immediately rang Rod to tell him and he was just saying that it was nice the benches were together, when Llyn exclaimed "oh no, I can't believe he's done that!". She was talking about me.
I had got bored with standing still and wandered a bit further on then come back to see where Llyn was. Unfortunately when I came back, I wandered through the wet cement that the bench had been set in!!

I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Rod said it was great, as I'd put my seal of approval on it but that Llyn had to make sure that my feet were properly washed when we got home as wet cement is not good for paws.
Llyn was mortified about it, especially as a Park Ranger appeared, she then made herself look a bit silly - by saying "these benches are in memory of my husbands cousins and my dog has walked through the cement but it's OK as he's a relative" - heaven knows what the Park Ranger thinks.
I'm glad I'm a dog and don't feel embarrassment

Anyway, everyone except Llyn, are hoping that my paw marks stay - Rod was upset because he couldn't get to Paul's funeral, so he likes to think that I've left a tribute on his behalf.

Well, no trips to the pub this week, Kurt has a 'big' week - think its something to do with his final exams and presentation for HNC Construction. If all goes well and he passes I'm told we'll be down the pub celebrating!

Nearly time for Bonio and bed. I'm promised a walk with Llyn tomorrow (I think she wants to go and look at the bench), so I'm off to get some rest.

Love and licks,

Patch x

Hello everyone.

Hope this finds you all well.

My humans and I are all OK. Llyn has just had her birthday, didn't get any cake though.
She went to see Strictly Come Dancing tour at Birmingham, so I took Chris out for a walk in the morning and Kurt out in the afternoon - although I wasn't really fussed about the afternoon walk and refused to walk all the way round the park.
Kurt had to take me home.
They are very silly boys, they think they are in charge of me but really I'm in charge of them. Rod says they are too soft with me, that they should show me whose boss but they both want to be my friend and not upset me - great!

Rod has been doing a lot of work with me regarding 'down', this is starting to pay off now.
When carers, gardeners etc. come to the house either Llyn or Rod say 'bed' and when I'm in there 'sit' and when I do, 'down' and then 'stay'. This makes me have to think about what I'm doing and stops me from whipping myself into a frenzy.
Also when I'm in my bed and in down position, I don't bark and this allows the carer to go into Granddad's and the gardener to do his job.
When Llyn has been taking me out, I have also got a lot better at leaving other dogs after a quick 'hello and play' - that was until today!

Out on the golf course, I spotted my best friend, Poppy, a Springer Collie cross, a really good runner and lots of fun to be with. Llyn let me go to her and her human then caught up with Llyn and we went across two fields running like lunatics .
But then, as we approached the small field by the lake, I saw a Westie.
I can't explain what I was thinking when I saw it only that I had an overwhelming urge to herd it up.

I didn't want to play, neither did it, and even though I had my friend with me that did want to play, I still felt compelled to run in circles around it (and it's human). Every now and then I would drop to the down position, then up and bark and round in circles.
Llyn could not catch me, I wasn't listening to her calling, Poppy's human calling or Poppy trying to get my attention and I definitely wasn't interested in carrots.

Unfortunately, the Westie's owner was not impressed and kept on walking - so this continued for some time. Llyn was very unhappy about my antics, in fact she was really cross.
However, on a good note, the gardener is here today and I have managed to stay (on the whole) calm about it. Have had a bit of a bark, but bed and sit, then down, has worked a treat, in fact I think Llyn has forgiven me for earlier as I've had a doggie dental stick as a treat - yummy!

I am trying to be good but it's very hard. Rod says as long as all my humans give me the same clear message, it will help me.
Llyn says the boys are the weak link in the chain, so Rod suggests teaching them some basic commands. Llyn says like 'put washing in wash basket' and 'tidy your room' - Rod said she was being silly and not taking him seriously.

Gardener has just gone, and he came to the back door for his money. I was fine as he didn't come in and I was in my bed - so no barking.


Love and licks,

Patch xx

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well, I'm OK now but what an awful day yesterday.

Llyn has been on earlie's this week, not mine or her's favourite shift, we miss our morning walk and end up with a short walk in the afternoon as Kurt likes to take me out after my dinner at 5.15 pm.

The day started off on the wrong foot.
I was disturbed at around 4.00 am by Chris going to check on Granddad - he had fallen asleep on his recliner chair in the lounge, woken up and pressed the button to make the chair rise so he could get out of it and go to bed.
But alas, when he pressed the button no power!!
He managed to ring Chris and Chris got up to see what was happening - despite being in my crate, I was still curious to know what was happening.
Apparently, when the chair had gone back, it caught the switch for the power socket.
Problem easily solved, back to sleep - but no, Llyn rattling round in the kitchen at 4.50 am, really!!

When Chris got up and got Rod off to work, I was looking forward to my breakfast but it never appeared - strange.
I did get a bit of banana, which I later found out had a worming tablet in it, so no food all day
I was hopeful of something when Llyn arrived homed at 12 pm, but no food just more interference, had to have my flea treatment and loose my bedding to the washing machine.
I wouldn't mind but I don't have fleas, Llyn says she has to make sure that I don't get them - whatever!

Anyway I'm very pleased to report that today has been much better .
No one up in the middle of the night or really early, breakfast on time, and a morning walk with Llyn, 1 hour and 40 mins, and finished off with a play with Zac, a 3 yr old collie.
I am a very happy chap. Just one little complaint, I don't mind sharing my bed with the washing machine but when it comes back it doesn't smell right. I know what my bed should smell like and it isn't Ylang Ylang and Lily.

A bit of good news for humans although I'm not sure that it's good for me.
Kurt has finished his college course, HNC Construction, this means he won't be going to college on a Friday, it will be work all week. He used to finish college at 2.30 pm and we always had a long walk and a play on Fridays.
Still all the humans are pleased, he's done it and he's glad he doesn't have to go anymore, so I guess I'm happy too.

Well the sun is shining in through the conservatory and I'm off to lie in my favourite spot.

Take care everyone.

Love and licks,

Patch xxx

February 2012

Hello everyone,

Sorry I've been 'off-line' for a while, things have been a bit different here!

Rod hasn't been to work for the last two weeks, he has had a problem with his back and not been able to go to work.
I have really enjoyed this, but I think he wants to go back now, he's getting bored. We are closer than ever as at times there has only been Rod and I in when Llyn/Chris/Kurt were at work.
Llyn is not sure how she feels about this, as she thinks she has always been No. 1, Rod on the other hand is very smug.

Chris is fine and we have been having some lovely walks in the snow.
The night it first snowed Llyn was on a 2 pm-10 pm shift and couldn't get home!
Rod had to rescue her in the 4 x 4. Not had any snow since but the freezing temperatures mean there is still plenty about.

I can hear Llyn dishing up dinner, jacket potatoes and chilli-con-carne and I need to go get excited, bring all my toys into the kitchen and get in the way - you never know what might fall on the floor .

Take care everyone.

Love and licks.

Patch xx

Here concludes this installment of the Patch papers.