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Why Celebrate Your Dog?

In rescue, one of the most common phrases we keep hearing over the years is "That was the best dog I have ever had".

Always past tense - well it is a common human failing that we often do not recognise something good until its gone.
We hear this from pet owners, farmers, shepherds, police dog handlers - in fact across the board in the canine world.

In many cases we think, what a shame. Why do we always look back? If the speaker had realised it then, they may have been able to express it to the dog in question at the time. Both of them would have shared a more fulfilling experience.
The faithful companion or work colleague would have had its loyalty and dedication reflected back to it.
Everyone would have gained.

Many of us do celebrate our dogs on a daily basis. We share love and respect with them.
We give it and they return it unstintingly but on the human side of the relationship there may be some room for improvement.

It is in the nature of a dog to be loyal but that is not the highest human priority, although perhaps we would all like to be better at it.
Some of us may prefer the company of dogs to that of other humans or maybe we just relish those times when we are alone with our dog.

From this point on, we would like every day to be a personal Celebrate Your Dog Day for every dog and dog owner.
We invite you to celebrate your experiences by sharing them through this section of our website and through a Facebook page page we have set up specifically for that purpose.

Here you can publish stories of your own special relationships with your dogs and tell us why your dog matters to you or why and how it contributes to the lives of others.
You can share your dogs little idiosyncrasies and odd amusing habits and find out by reading the stories of others, how common some behaviours are.
People who don't have a dog of their own can tell us all of dogs that have had an impact on their lives and anyone can relate stories they come across of dogs that have had an impact on humanity, past or present.

We have published stories about some of the dogs we have known, rescued, rehomed, or who have become part of the Border Collie Rescue community, helping other dogs recover from their traumas and also helping people understand more about dogs and their value as companions.

By contributing or just reading we can all have our lives enriched by each others experiences and learn from them. By learning we can improve ourselves and our relationships with the dogs we share our lives with.

We believe we should all be more aware of the value of our canine companions and what they do to contribute to our lives and the lives of those around us and what better day to express our love for our dogs than Valentines Day, February the 14th.

For us at Border Collie Rescue there are two reasons for choosing this day.

NapThe first is that it is the birthday of a wonderful dog who simply by his existence has shown us how we can become kinder, better creatures with unstinting love for others.

Our Nap.
Old Nap to many because that is who he became - an elder, wise and gentle.

The second is because it is already a day which has been set aside to express our love for those around us - why should dogs be left out?

Each year, the 14th of February should be a special day for all of us to celebrate our dogs collectively so each year we would like people and dogs to come together and cerebrate the unique relationships they have.
Think about what we could do then to celebrate our dogs together!

On February 14th 2017 we launched Celebrate your Dog.
Every 14th of February is an anniversary.
You can celebrate your dog privately without telling us or telling anybody - just tell your dog.

Click "Stories" in the sliding menu on the left to read about some special friends.