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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Images of Swaledale
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26 miles from Richmond to Dale Head - the valley of the river Swale in its many aspects.
Here you will find Nature at its best. There are high mountains at the head of these valleys whose evocative names such as Blea Barf, Great Shunner Fell and Rogan's Seat echo the voices of the Vikings who settled here over 1,000 years ago.

Sparkling moorland streams cascade down the valley sides through pastures touched by a thousand shades of green. The River Swale, England's fastest flowing river, threads its way through a maze of fields dotted with stone barns. 

Over generations the people of these Dales have shaped the landscape and left a legacy of history, folklore and legend. The language of the Vikings can still be heard all around in the local dialect and the village place-names. 

Above text copyright of Mark Reid, author of The Inn Way series of walking guidebooks."

Field Barns.JPG (33306 bytes)

Swaledale field patterns showing traditional dry stone walls. Nearly every field has a barn for feed and winter shelter. - Photo' by Nicki Oliver


Bluebell Wood.JPG (54522 bytes)

BlueBell Woods - off the road from Richmond to Reeth - Acres if Bluebells appear here in late winter / spring. - Photo' by Nicki Oliver


DownDale.JPG (23007 bytes)

Looking Down dale from Low Row towards Reeth from the Birdsnest Walk - Photo' by Nicki Oliver


FirstFall.JPG (18019 bytes)

Wintering sheep with traditional stone field barn in background - Photo' by Nicki Oliver


Old Gang Smelt Mill.JPG (46869 bytes)

Old Gang smelt mill at Surrender Bridge - one of many relics of the Lead Mining days. - Photo' by Nicki Oliver


Rainbow.JPG (35251 bytes)

Rainbow over Low Row. - Photo' by Nicki Oliver


The 4 Seasons - Taken from the old Corpse Way - above Low Row.

Spring Floods on the Swale.JPG (16969 bytes)

Spring floods on the Swale - Photo' by Nicki Oliver

Summer Light.JPG (25969 bytes)

Summer Light - Photo' by Nicki Oliver

Autumn Floods.JPG (19841 bytes)

Autumn Floods - Photo' by Nicki Oliver

Winter Snows.JPG (31647 bytes)

Winter Snows - Photo' by Nicki Oliver

Sunset.JPG (20177 bytes)

Sunrise from the same viewpoint with the sun glinting off the river . - Photo' by Nicki Oliver


The Tops.JPG (26510 bytes)

Looking over Swaledale from the Buttertubs Pass. - Photo' by Nicki Oliver


Swale at Mouse Hall.JPG (25097 bytes)

The Swale at Mouse Hall - Photo' by Nicki Oliver


Thirnswood.JPG (56248 bytes)

ThirnswoodHealaugh.JPG (23328 bytes)

Two Aspects of Thirns Wood, Healaugh. - Photo's by Nicki Oliver


Flora1.JPG (25179 bytes)

Flora2.JPG (24950 bytes)

Flora3.JPG (24667 bytes)

Flora4.JPG (29877 bytes)

Flora5.JPG (20379 bytes)

Flora6.JPG (24263 bytes)

Flora7.JPG (22429 bytes)

Flora - Photo's by Nicki Oliver


Locals2.JPG (19823 bytes)

Locals3.JPG (19714 bytes)

Locals1.JPG (17151 bytes)

locals4.JPG (18626 bytes)

Fauna - some locals - Photo' by Nicki Oliver


Marrick Priory.jpg (48170 bytes)
Marrick Priory - Photo courtesy of


Reeth Green.jpg (47427 bytes)
Reeth Green - Photo courtesy of


Reeth High Row Herriot House.jpg (42780 bytes)
High Row - Reeth - showing the house on the right that was use in the movie 'All Creatures Great and Small' to represent James Herriot's home and surgery 'Skelldale House' - Photo courtesy of


Reeth High Row.jpg (63613 bytes)
High Row and the Buck hotel - Reeth - Photo courtesy of


Reeth.jpg (47468 bytes)
View of Reeth from Grinton Moor - Photo courtesy of


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You are here >>>>HQ Information >>> - Location and Area >>> Images from Swaledale

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