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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Images of Richmondshire
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Richmondshire encompasses a contrasting array of dales, the Norse word for valley, each leading one off the other, the main dales being Wensleydale and Swaledale. Wild and lonely fells look down on lush winding valleys. Tranquil meadows are defined by drystone walls, hidden waterfalls cascade into deep wooded glens, while small villages clutch to the hillsides and bustling market towns provide a focal point for trade and activity.
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View of Pen Hill through the mists from The Shawl at Leyburn in Wensleydale - The legend of the Giant of Pen Hill, who used to persecute the inhabitants of the village of West Witton, is part of Wensleydale folklore and celebrated locally in poetry and song. - Photo' by Rachel White


Floods and Snow.JPG (27892 bytes)
Winter Floods are often followed by snow and freezing conditions, leaving lakes of ice glinting in the midday sun over the field in lower Wensleydale while locals take advantage of the slopes of the Shawl for ski practise and sledding.- Photo' by Rachel White


Stile on The Shawl.JPG (39823 bytes)
A stile on The Shawl at Leyburn, protecting a field the bridlepath along the old ridgeway track, showing the gate on the left for the passage of horses - The Shawl is a track running from Leyburn towards Castle Bolton and is so named after Mary Queen of Scots, imprisoned in the Castle, made a bid for escape along the ridgeway path. In her rush, she lost her Shawl, which was soon found by her warders, indicating her route and leading to her quick re-capture.


Arkengarthdale Water splash.jpg (80083 bytes)
The Watersplash - an ancient ford made famous in the introduction sequence of the TV series 'All Creatures Great and Small', is located on the link road between Low Row, Swaledale and Langthwaite, Arkengarthdale - Photo courtesy of


Arkengarthdale.jpg (63592 bytes)
View looking over Arkengarthdale - This dale runs of Swaledale at Reeth and the road running up it branches above Langthwaite to Barnard Castle over The Stang and then continues up over the Pennines to Tan Hill and thence down into Cumbria  - Photo courtesy of


Langthwaite.jpg (119142 bytes)
The Bridge at Langthwaite, Arkengarthdale - another scene made famous in the 'All Creatures' TV series introduction  - Photo courtesy of


Shaw House The Stang.jpg (87510 bytes)
Shaw Farm on the road linking Arkengarthdale to Barnard Castle and the A66 via 'The Stang', an area now given over to forestry. Once on the top of this pass, at the boundary of Richmondshire and county Durham, magnificent views are revealed in both directions.  - Photo courtesy of


Hardraw Force.jpg (67243 bytes)
Hardraw Force - set back behind the Green Dragon Hotel in Hardraw, Wensleydale and open to visitors for a small fee. - Photo courtesy of


Aysgarth Falls.jpg (70700 bytes)
Aysgarth Falls, Wensleydale  - a popular tourism spot in the Dale and very busy in summertime - Photo courtesy of


Askrigg.jpg (54494 bytes)
Askrigg, Wensleydale - This village is also famous in the legends of 'All Creatures Great and Small'. A house in the village was chosen to represent 'Skelldale House' in the TV series  and is now a popular tourist attraction with people posing in the doorway to be photographed outside the home of the world best known Vet - Photo courtesy of


Hawes.jpg (53983 bytes)
Hawes, Wensleydale   - this is an ancient Market town at the top of the dale and features a creamery that makes real Wensleydale cheese. Hawes is also a popular spot on the tourist trail and has many pubs with forecourt tables and seating for meals that, on a good summer evening, is indicative of a Mediterranean lifestyle - without the sun - Photo courtesy of


Leyburn Market Square.jpg (45534 bytes)
Leyburn Market Place, Wensleydale. Leyburn is a busy Market town that services lower Wensleydale and has many interesting features - Photo courtesy of


Middleham market square.jpg (42063 bytes)
Middleham Market Place, Coverdale. Middleham is famous for its Norman Castle, the finding of the 'Middleham Jewel' - a brooch from early Norman occupation and its many Racehorse stables in and around the Town  - Photo courtesy of


Easby Abbey.jpg (98064 bytes)
Easby Abbey, on the banks of the Swale East of Richmond -  Photo courtesy of


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You are here >>>>HQ Information >>> - Location and Area >>> Images from Richmondshire

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