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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Tamzin and Maisey

Tamzin and Maisey

These two came into our care as Macy and Tess. Two sisters from ISDS registered parents.
Both good natured but not well socialised and rather nervous. Also a bit lacking in social manners and basic training.
Quick to bark at strangers, they will mug anyone they know with their tongues.
Tess is the white one of the pair and was born deaf. She has quite strong herding inclinations. Macy is her ears. They are a team

The two girls were taken on together by a lovely couple who sent us the following -

Tamzin and Maisey

Tam (Tamzin) alias Tess and Maisey alias Macy.

We love our girls very much and think the feeling is mutual!

Although they need each other because Tam is deaf as she was born with the deaf gene – Maisey is most certainly her ears and more remarkable is her body language, even from a distance which tells Tam what is going on and is expected of her.

Life could never be the same without them as every day is so enjoyable in their company with two completely different characters but very loyal and loving to us.

Thank you Border Collie Rescue, my husband and I think we must be the luckiest people to be able to adopt such little treasures!

Having been brought up with Border Collies on a stock farm from a very young age, I can safely say that Border Collies are the best breed if you want an active life with their intelligence, stamina, loyalty and undying love for their owners.
Personally, I cannot think of another breed to match them.

Oh Border Collie so clever and strong
In body and mind all day long
You never fail whatever the weather
The friend I always wished for
Now and forever.

You accept all the challenges without a frown
You are so good to me to have around
Please don't change – I like you as you are
There's nothing to re-arrange

You are my faithful, loyal STAR!

There is another video of the girls running around the front garden of the BCR York centre in March 2012
This one was not uploaded to YouTube but is on this site in mp4 format
The video contains some slow motion sequences and a few freeze frames.
The video will open in your browsers default media player.

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