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Suki and Little Jim

Celebrating Suki....



This little lass came in with two pups at a very young age.

There was a very dodgy couple involved in "rescuing" dogs in the area (note inverted commas) and they had managed to get their hands on her and her pups but Suki was very nervous and whined A LOT and suddenly they brought her to us.
She also had a skin condition that took months to deal with.

We suspect the husband of the couple had tried to knock it out of her and found that hitting her only made it worse.
He was a nasty piece of work and really should never have been allowed near dogs.
Her puppies came with her.
She was a pretty little lass, very biddable and gentle but needed company and reassurance desperately.
The two pups were easy to rehome. One to a farm and one to a lovely couple in the Dales.

Nicki worked on Suki and steadied her up enough for her to go and live with a couple in the Yorkshire Moors who looked after her as if she was their own child.

She thrived. She loved them and they loved her back.

She deserved nothing less.







Celebrating Little Jim....

Little Jim

Happy Celebration Day to Wee Jimmy. 17 years young!

I knew that I wanted to find an elderly dog to share my lovely home and Nicky and Mike at BCR were looking for a home for Little Jim.

He came up from Yorkshire in the boot of my car on August 1st 2014 and settled in immediately.

Wee Jim has had a lifelong heart complaint and also has arthritis and is allergic to a number of foods and insect bites and is now almost completely deaf.

But my word he's also a tiny tough-nut!

He loves nothing better than being out for a walk with the sheep dogs and pesters the life out of Tyne, who's a big strong young working collie of the bearded variety. Jim's come off worst a few times when he's been looking for trouble but always bounces back.

Jim Home

 When he first came to look after me he was quite a nervous dog and could be a bit nippy. "Always put his muzzle on at the vet's" Nicky told me, and with good reason.
But he doesn't need it now and is always well behaved, even when he's getting his bath!

Love this boy who is my shadow all around the house. Although he's getting a bit more wobbly now and needs to go out more in the middle of the night.

There's just one thing ... so I'm told .... he does let off a lot! apparently I'm lucky that I've lost my sense of smell!



Ros Duncan