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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Oh No Meg

Oh No Meg! Not You Again

Meg on the stairs

Oh No Meg,. Not you again?
Puddle on the floor.
I do wish you would try to learn
To ask to use the door.
I can’t go on forever
Jumping up at every whim.
Letting you out needlessly,
For you just to come straight in.
And without wiping your feet too!

Oh No Meg! I knew I should
Have let you out that time.
But really, you’ve not been long back
From the trip you had at nine.
When will you start to realise
Just why I let you out?
I do it for your toilet needs
Not just to run about.
And get your feet dirty, yet again.

No Meg! Not there!
Oh please no! Not a puddle on the floor.
I’m running out of kitchen roll,
And patience.
I’d better get some more.
Kitchen roll that is.
And patience come to think of it.

Meg Laying

You never used to wee inside.
Well not as much as this!
My world is turning upside down.
The house is full of
Stains on the carpet!
There was a time not long ago,
When you’d go outside to wee.
But now each trip to the garden
Is filled with mystery.
You play, you walk, and you wander
Forget necessity.
You chase the cats and herd them
Round the garden endlessly.
Then you come back and leave a mess
Leaving clearing up to me.

I try to give you exercise
Give you an active life
And you innocently repay me
With such trouble and such strife.
I give you love and feed you
Clear up puddles everywhere
Well …..
I don’t know what the answer is
I’m sure that you can tell
For life to you is just a game
A lifelong jolly folly
But how can I get through to you?
I don’t speak Border Collie

Belinda Wells