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I don't even know were to begin to start explaining how much my boy helped me though my PTSD and depression.


I rescued him from an abusive home a month before the event happened so we were barely even progressing with his recovery when my Nan passed away and the whole thing started.
I went to my Nan's one day and Kilo (my boy) went in first as usual. He came to the top of the stairs and started pushing me down but I ignored him, went up, and found my Nan passed away.

From that moment my life crumbled in front of me and I had no idea what to do.
Through all the tragedy, all day, Kilo never once left my side, he constantly licked my cheek and didn't leave me alone.
When I went home later that day he stayed by my bed and wouldn't leave my side.
Because of him I had to get up every morning to let him out in the garden and work to help him recover from his abuse and eventually this gave me the courage to start getting out of the house.

Everywhere I went he went too.
I was terrified to go out, to walk anywhere because I felt so crushed.
Kilo even came to the toilet with me. He would make me go into the garden and play with him.
He would give me his toys to make me smile, he would cuddle and lick my face as I cried every day.

A few months after the event, I was advised by the vet to slowly increase his walks as he was finally ready.
I never thought I would leave the house again but kilo made me so proud to see him grow with confidence, to see his face light up when he was thrown a ball.

I taught him hide and seek with his toys and this distracted me from suicidal thoughts.
On 6 occasions I thought about taking overdoses but Kilo sat with his head in my lap whining and when I spoke to him and said I'm sorry but I can't go on, he would bark until I put the tablets down.

On 1 occasion however I sneakily took an overdose while he was in the garden.
I went to bed and he managed to get into my bedroom, I don't know how, and licked my face and made me sick by licking in my mouth which saved my life.

I've never known love like this and to this day, 5 years on, I look at him and thank him every day for being there because I swear without him I would not be here today.
I would have never left the house and would never have asked for help to deal with my PTSD and depression.

I'm finally on my way to recovery and it's all thanks to him.