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Little Gem


I waited at home.


B was away for the day and an overnight stay.
She’d gone to Yorkshire to pick up Little Gem from Border Collie Rescue. She texted photos of the hotel near the Rescue – isolated, along a long winding country road.
She’d taken up our other two Collies to introduce to Little Gem and, hopefully, to bring back home all three.

It’s difficult to make a reasoned, sensible judgment about a dog, when the only information you have are photos from an email and conversations with Nicki, but B was taken with something that she could see that I couldn’t.
So I trusted that, if she thought that Little Gem wasn’t the dog for us, then she would leave it there.
Hopefully.Gem came back.
For the first four or five months I wished that B had never set eyes on her, let alone brought her home.
Little Gem had selective deafness, not understanding the word “No!”

It’s a common disorder amongst Borders until they are trained!







Our other dogs loved her!!

I wanted to send her back.
B said we should leave it longer.
She occasionally rang up Nikki to ask for advice. “It was still a puppy and she would grow up. Sometime.”
I knew better but kept my views to myself

But she did grow up. Slowly. Almost imperceptibly

It’s a year on now and we love her to bits.
Gem is the most loving, obedient, friendly, occasionally over-friendly Collie imaginable.
She just wants to be either with us or with Bags, our other BC.
Yes she loves still a bit of a chase and rough and tumble but she gets more than she gives.

Every day she repays all belief others had in her

I was wrong