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A Devoted Companion


Flynn came to us at 17 months old.

At the time we were living in Germany but due to move to Norfolk and I'd finally persuaded my husband to get a collie.

He wasn't keen on collies as he'd been nipped by one whilst out running but I'd been brought up with a collie and I was set on the breed.

We put a advert on a selling site and asked for a border collie, it didn't have to be a pup just as long as it was good with children as I was heavily pregnant.
That's when we had a lovely lady messaged us telling us about Flynn.

He'd already had numerous homes due to no fault of his own and she agreed to keep him on hold for us for 6 weeks until we moved back to the UK.
We went to visit him to see him around children Etc. to make sure he suited us and that was it, love at first sight. We went and collected him a week later and he made himself right at home with us.
By the time I hit 38 weeks pregnant he wouldn't leave my side, he was showing how truly incredibly loyal he really is.

When our first born arrived he wouldn't leave his side and if anyone wanted to hold the baby they had to be prepared to have Flynn at their side. (he had to keep checking on the baby).
Again when our second son arrived he was just as loyal to him.

Flynn Trio

I wouldn't say he's a child friendly dog, he tolerates our children but will say a quick hello to others and then avoids.
But again being the loyal family member that he is, he knows before us if the children are unwell or upset as he won't leave their side.

Our love for Flynn led us to get another two collies Lillie and Jake.
Again their loyalty has shone. Lillie is inseparable from the children she absolutely adores all kids and she's incredibly protective of ours.

Jake is still a pup, but already his wonderful personality is shining through.

Kayleigh Dobbin