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By Jarys Dog Training


Booklet containing step-by-step      instructions with colour photographs showing how to teach your dog ten different tricks.

Liven up your Heelwork; lighten your formal training sessions or just show off to friends and neighbours!

Send 3. plus 50p p/p  payable to :- Jarys Dog Training.

A donation of 50p will be given to Border Collie Rescue for every booklet sold. Please state B/C appeal with your order and include your name and address.

Send to :- Jarys, Throstles Nest House, Salters Lane, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PZ.


Below is an example of a page from the booklet - 


Teaching dogs tricks can be great fun for you and your dog.  When you think about it most obedience exercises are only a set of “Tricks”.  When you are doing a lot of formal obedience work with your dog sometimes tricks can break up the training session and any type of work with your dog is building a bond between you both.

Keep teaching sessions short and above all have fun!!!



The twist is an easy one to teach and can be incorporated into the Heelwork to liven it up and help keep the dogs attention.


Start with your dog in a standing position and hold a food treat just in front of his nose

Very slowly lure your dogs head round so that his head almost meets his tail.


Turn the dog round to where you started and feed the treat. As the dog starts to turn put in the key word “Twist” (If you happen to have a dog with the same name, some of us MAY know of one!! - You can use an alternative word like Spin.)


Repeat until your dog starts to move in a circle as soon as you start to move your hand.

Next try standing upright and start giving slightly less hand signals. 

Keep practising until you can stand upright and the dog will turn on command only.

To really impress, teach him to twist at your side and at a distance from you.



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