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This is the Photo's page for Mead's Sponsored walk on the Lady Anne's Way

 I did this for Border Collie Rescue because....

When me and my brothers and sisters found ourselves needing to be re-homed just before Christmas 2010, Border Collie Rescue took us in. If they hadn't we may have spent Christmas in an outdoor shelter because our owner was relying on selling us to cover the costs of our inoculations and care but, being new to breeding, had no-one lined up ready to take us when we were old enough to go.

We spent Christmas at the York centre and we weren't very well, but they looked after us and gave us a good time, our own heat lamps on 24 hrs a day and medicine to make us feel better. We even had a Christmas tree.


Then, when we were better they found us all good homes with nice people. One of my Brothers is up in Scotland near Loch Ness and one sister down in Cornwall. My other brother and two sisters are also in homes in different parts of the country.


All our homes are different and all chosen to suit our needs and inclinations to either work or play.


This is one way I can give a little back and help raise something towards the 800 electricity bill the centre had to pay for the two very cold winter quarters this year. It may have been a bad winter outside, but inside we were snug.

Mead and her littermates the evening they came in.

15th December 2010

Mead was the only one in the litter who had been fully vaccinated so she was separated from the others while they waited to have their second jab.

17th December 2010

Mead had her first real look at the sheep - she found them fascinating but not really that inspiring.

22nd December 2010

On Christmas Eve Mead met her first young human and showed us all a gentle side to her nature.

24th December 2010

On Christmas day she watched the sun rise thoughtfully. Later that day - at 3pm she addressed the world through Facebook
It seems she was contemplating what name she would like to have. It seems that she had come to a few decisions.
This is what she said.

Our loyal subjects. Ministers and Government.
We offer you warm wishes this Christmas and at a time where our countries and societies are undergoing huge change; a time of great financial worry to many, and a time of austerity, we commend to you the future and the better time we can make of it together.

In 2010, we have become concerned about a number of matters that have come to our attention.
We fear society has lost is head, its direction and its priorities.
We fear for our brother, our kin, in ours and other lands. We fear for you all.

We have therefore directed our Ministers and Government that in the year of 2011, the first full year of our reign, they should attend, with priority, to the following matters.

That they should continue to fight for the rights of Border Collies and sheepdogs to lead the life they prefer to live and to protect their rights to freedom from Hunger and thirst, Discomfort, Pain, injury and disease, Fear and distress and allow them to exhibit normal behaviour, and to continue this fight until the battle is won and to do so in good heart, knowing that the cause is just.

That they should fight for the rights of our brethren and kin who are exploited by mankind and seek justice for their ills and distress, be they held or born on puppy farms or simply lightly acquired and lightly cast aside, or used without due consideration for the profit and the benefit of the few, against the wishes of the many.

That they should open and operate a new centre in Scotland for the benefit of our Scottish brethren.
That they should seek to help all Border Collies and Sheepdogs in as many ways as they are able.
That they should continue to distribute regular rations of Bonio.

And to all you human beans we send our hopes that you shall work together in support of these and similar aims, making the world a better place for all animals and people to live in harmonious understanding and respect.

May 2011 be a better year for all of us.

I commend myself to you on the 25th December 2010 and let it be known that from this day forth I shall be known amongst you as - Mead.
Merry Xmas.

On Boxing Day she was less dignified.
By January 6th 2011 she was doing a bit of paperwork in the office.
By January 14th she had taken over the job of food monitor in the kitchen. A daily stock level inspection had to be carried out.

Strolling casually on the decking in front of the farmhouse at the York centre. Full of confidence.

February 4th 2011

Mead was re-homed on 9th February 2011
Mead's first visit to the seaside in March 2011 left her less than inspired.

She said "I went to the beach the other day, but was not too impressed - just loads of sand and horrible tasting water, and not a lot to do, really".

30th May 2011 Mead came back to the centre for a visit.

It was nice to see her again and to see how she has developed and matured.

She is now living in North Yorkshire.

Here are pictures of Mead's littermates.

All re-homed and doing well.

Pearl - now living in Northumberland


Quink - Now living in Cornwall


Tanzi - Now living in East Yorkshire


Tom - Now living in Derbyshire


Ralph - Now living in The Great Glen

This event has been authorised and licensed by Border Collie Rescue under a unique reference code.
You are Here   >>> Funding and Helping >>> Sponsorship ideas >>> Mead's Sponsored Walk >>> Photo's

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