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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Criteria - Adopting Working/Service Dogs

Criteria for adopting a Working or Service Dog?

The Information on this page only applies to applications for Working Dogs
Border Collie Rescue can re-home dogs anywhere in the U.K. but we do not rehome into Ireland or overseas

Border Collie Rescue is set up to benefit dogs we rescue and provide sanctuary for. This is our primary consideration.
Dogs lead a normal life in foster homes while in our care. They are not kenneled as is more common in dog rescue.
Applicants are matched to dogs and priority is given to the needs of the dogs when selecting homes.

The information below is relevant to dogs being taken on for training by private individuals.
Exceptions for professional training establishments can be found here.

Border Collie Rescue will not normally place Working or Service dogs under the following circumstances - 

  • In homes where dogs are housed in an outdoor traditional freestanding kennel, enclosed or otherwise, other than for the purpose of holding the dog securely during the day, but not for the purpose of overnight sleeping accommodation or use in inclement weather.
    Dogs must always have access to a clean, dry, draught free sleeping area with adequate, suitable bedding in which they can keep themselves warm.

  • In homes where the dog is to be be kept on a chain when not working.
    We have no objections to a dog being kept outside the house in suitable accomodation, as many BC's prefer this style of housing. A properly adapted outbuilding with attached run is most suitable if the dog is to live outside the house.

  • In homes that do not have their own private garden or yard which has direct access from the home. (shared gardens are not acceptable).

  • In tied accommodation where occupancy is dependent on employment.

  • In homes where all resident adults are in full time employment or where the dog is regularly left 'home alone' for long periods.

  • In City or Town centre environments. Sub-urban environments are considered, but preference is always given to rural homes that are more appropriate to the nature and temperament of the breed.

  • To anyone under 18 years of age.

  • For the purposes of breeding, profit or commercial exploitation unless otherwise agreed prior to adoption

  • Outside of the country in which it was rescued. (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all regarded as one country for this purpose).

We would like to point out the following conditions imposed for the safety and well being of all dogs we re-home - 

  • Puppies under 6 months of age are only placed in homes where they can be trained to work Sheep.

  • An applicant taking on a young, untrained dog, must be in the position of being able to offer the appropriate training and time to develop the dogs potential.

  • We cannot accept applications in joint names or on behalf of third parties.

  • Dogs re-homed by Border Collie Rescue are not allowed to be passed on or sold by the applicant to any third party, but must be returned to Border Collie Rescue if the applicant is unable to keep the dog.

  • Applicants must keep Border Collie Rescue informed of any change to their address or contact details during the time they have a dog from the organisation and any address at which the dog is to be kept for more than 21 days, including a contact telephone number, if different from the address and contact details they registered with Border Collie Rescue at the time of their application.
    The only exception would be that of licensed boarding kennels for temporary accommodation during holiday periods or similar.
    If a dog is to be placed in boarding kennels for a period exceeding 14 days, Border Collie Rescue should be informed in advance.

  • We do not re-home dogs outside of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales).
    Dogs must not be taken to permanently live abroad without the prior consent of Border Collie Rescue, however temporary trips abroad for the purposes of holidays or work are acceptable providing the country visited is part of the accepted 'passport for pets' scheme and the dog is fully compliant with the terms of the scheme.
    Border Collie Rescue must be informed when a dog is placed on the 'Passport for Pets' scheme and each time it is to travel abroad for more than one calendar month.

  • Dogs re-homed by Border Collie Rescue must not be destroyed by the applicant or on the instructions of the applicant without our prior consent, unless for reasons of health and then only upon the advice of a qualified veterinary practitioner.

  • Registration of a re-homed dog with a qualified veterinary practice and Annual Booster inoculations are a requirement of EVERY placing - if this becomes a problem, applicants must inform Border Collie Rescue.

  • Dogs cannot be used for any commercial purposes other than any agreed by Border Collie Rescue at the time of homing a dog to the applicant, without the prior consent of Border Collie Rescue

  • Dogs placed by Border Collie Rescue must not be kept on chains or tethered in any way.

The submission of an application implies acceptance of the above conditions and criteria outlined on this page.
If you have any problems with any of the above - please do not apply.

If you are happy with these conditions, follow this link for details of our adoption process

If you are interested in adopting a Border Collie from us,
please phone 0845 604 4941 during office hours.
(2 pm to 5 pm Tuesdays to Thursdays)

Please do not write to us or email us about adoption - we want to speak to you before we start the process.