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Universal Commands - Off

The "Off" command. Use it to get a dog off anything!

If a dog jumps up on people they usually say 'down' or 'get down'. If the dog is on the bed or the sofa they may be told to 'get off' or 'get down'. If you want a dog to lay on the floor you may use 'lay down' or 'get down'. Save 'down' for getting the dog to lay down and use 'Off' for everything else.

In Border Collie Rescue all verbal commands used are accompanied by hand signals which serve to emphasise and compliment the instruction.
This is of great benefit when training deaf dogs, dogs with learning difficulties and dogs with short attentions spans.

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A way to stop a dog jumping up at you in excitement without presenting a challenge, is simply to say 'OFF' as he rises to touch you and turn your back on him.

This is a passive response to the dogs actions and is non confrontational.
It is useful if a dog is nippy and over-excitable or inclined to be dominant or aggressive when confronted.

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This alternative method is more direct and confrontational as it is a positive re-action and command

Simply push the dog off as it jumps up and use the command 'Off', following through with your arms fully extended and hands palm down into a horizontal position above the dogs head. Quick use of 'Sit' and 'Stay' at this point should regain control.
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