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Universal Commands - Come

The "Come" command. Principal recall command for use with companion dogs.

Come is one key commands you should teach your dog first. Stopping a dog in it's tracks and getting it back to you can get you both out of trouble.
This should not be used when training sheepdogs because it would be confused with 'Come Bye', a command to go clockwise around sheep.

In Border Collie Rescue all verbal commands used are accompanied by hand signals which serve to emphasise and compliment the instruction.
This is of great benefit when training deaf dogs, dogs with learning difficulties and dogs with short attentions spans.

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Arms fully outstretched horizontally on each side then brought to meet in front of your stomach.

This command is an exaggerated gesture and can be used to call the dog back from long distances away, even when out of shouting range. It is an important command and as well as being visible over a great distance, it is a welcoming, open gesture that dogs understand as being friendly and respond to positively.
The meeting of the hands in front of the stomach help the dog to learn to 'present' in front of the handler when they have returned.
To encourage speed, the sign can be repeated, faster as the dog starts to return.

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Once the dog has returned and presented, you should always bring it to 'heel'.

This final stage rounds off the command sequence and gets the dog into a position where it is at your side, under your control, and ready to move off in any direction you want.
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