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Universal Commands - Back

The "back" command. Used to send a dog away or get the dog to walk behind you

In Border Collie Rescue all verbal commands used are accompanied by hand signals which serve to emphasise and compliment the instruction.
This is of great benefit when training deaf dogs, dogs with learning difficulties and dogs with short attentions spans.

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Bring arm up from side and wave hand from direction of dogs head in the direction you wish him to go, hold position pointing.
Repeat to get dog to go further back. Leaning forward adds authority.

Use this command to get the dog into the position you require or out of harms way. 
When the dog is a distance away, point hand, arm and index finger fully extended, at dogs head and flick it up and in the direction required with the index finger extended. Stepping towards the dog at the same time can add emphasis.

Use Back to tell a dog to get behind or walk behind you.

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Use 'back' to keep dog behind you. Move extended arm backwards, palm flat and facing towards dog.
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The 'get behind' command version is useful with dogs that are inclined to push in front of the handler when walking on or off the lead.
It emphasises the handlers position as leader.
If the dog is very close, the palm of the hand will be right in its face and it will need to step back to avoid contact.
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