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This is the Photo's page for Elisabeth Sharples's

I did this for Border Collie Rescue because....

I was brought up on a farm in the Trough of Bowland and have been surrounded by BC's since I was born. I had a working brown & white BC as a companion from the age of 8.

Dave (my husband) got his first dog when he left home and got his own house (his mother wouldn't have a dog in the house, she was into cats). His dog was a B&W working BC bitch.
Since we got married, even when we had a Collie/Greyhound cross (Lurcher) we have always had at least one BC in the household, usually two.
I think too many people take on a Border Collie because they are cute, but they are also the most intelligent dog Breed.

In a lot of cases it turns out that the dog is more intelligent than the owner and as such the owner thinks the dog is the problem and either abandons it or dumps it on a charity like Border Collie Rescue.


As a pair of BC lovers we could not think of a better cause to raise a few bob for whilst I enjoy my run.

The dogs in the photo's are Bess (on the left) who we got from a working farm as a pup and Taffy (on the right) who is a rescue dog we took on when he was 2 and was very psychologically disturbed however after 3 and half years he is now a fully socialised dog and enjoying life to the full.


She did it!

Elisabeth proudly holds her medal up for the camera

to show she completed her run.


She completed her run in 2hr 44 min and 20 sec.

A bit slower than she expected but it was

a very hot day and the 22,500 of runners were disconcerting.

 She is very happy with the time and we are all very
proud of her, particularly Dave, her husband.


Elisabeth came in at 8050'th out of 22,500.

Brilliant effort for a first time marathon run!

Well done and thank you Elisabeth.

There must be a bit of obsessive

Border Collie determination in you!

This event has been authorised and licensed by Border Collie Rescue under a unique reference code.
ou are Here   >>> Funding and Helping >>> Sponsorship ideas >>> Elisabeth's Sponsored Run >>> Photo's

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