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Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught -
only then will you realise that money cannot be eaten.
The puppy farm problem is International and feeds from our need to share our lives with a companion animal.

Some pet shops make money out of our desire and our wish to share our home with animals - they do this callously and hypocritically, supporting an industry that exploits the animals they sell - commercial breeders. They also make a profit when they sell you an animal.

In every country in the world there are dogs, cats and other animals being killed every day by vets (and less qualified people) because they have no home or because the home they used to have has dumped them. They wait in turn to die, the victims of an industry that pretends to be there to care for them.

Don't be fooled by glib words, shops are there to make money for their owners. We all know that. They perform a service and we pay then to do that. Pet shops are no different, but the ones that sell animals are profiting from selling lives - and they profit well. The mark up on animals is huge. It has to be huge to cover the cost of the losses - the wasted stock - to you and me that means the ones that die.

Pet shops will always the double the money they pay for animals - 100% mark up. This is the minimum they would expect to make. Often the mark up is 200% to 300% to allow a gross profit of at least 100% after wastage. Mark up on dry goods is often only 50% to 66%. Much less on books. Even less on food. This is industry standard in the UK. Some retailers make more simply because they can. Some will make less simply because they have to be competitive. Animal sales, even after wastage, are a very lucrative form of income.

Puppies, in particular, should not be sold through pet shops so we urge everyone to stop supporting pet shops that sell animals and put an end to this exploitative trade - there are plenty of pet supply shops that don't sell animals - cater for your pets needs by purchasing from pet supply shops and veto the ones that sell animals - protest with your purse.

In the UK this is a particular problem with Border Collies - many are puppy farm bred and many are sold through pet shops and other commercial retail outlets into totally unsuitable homes. Many UK animal rescue organisations are involved in cleaning up the mess and there are better things we could do with our resources than tidying up after a trade that is unnecessary. This makes this problem our business - a problem for all of us. The shopkeepers profit and you - our supporters - pay to help us deal with the problems they create.

An  Australian organisation is working to raise awareness of these problems - in their own country and abroad - and we are pleased to promote their work on this page. They do a great job in a sensible way and what they say applies to all countries, everywhere. They want a total ban of the sale of animals through pet shops in Australia and we should all be supporting this aim in our own countries and supporting them to achieve it in theirs.

In fact, we should all be supporting each other to help animals, wherever we can. The internet makes Australia the country next door, so lets give our neighbours a helping hand and, no doubt, they will help us in their turn.

Take just a few minutes of your life to read what they have to say. Read what their supporters have to say and then make up your own mind.

But remember that as long as animals can be sold in pet shops, puppies will be sold and as long as that happens puppy farms will supply them. Dogs, and all our other well loved companion animal species, will continue to die in the supply chain - just to provide them with stock.

Border Collie Rescue   

In 2005, we here at SAY NO TO ANIMALS IN PET SHOPS are looking forward to a year when we really let the public know just where those animals in pet shops come from; why they should consider adopting a companion animal from a pound or shelter and that we're angry and not going to sit back quietly while hundreds of thousands of animals are put to death annually.

We've got a couple of thousand members nationwide - and more joining every single day.

The Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, officiated at a SAY NO leaflet handout in Sydney a year ago and she too is horrified and angry at the outrageous waste of innocent animal lives each and every year.  When nigh on 200,000 abandoned cats and dogs are put to sleep every year in Australia - it really is a crying shame. Most animal agencies such as the RSPCA stand with us in our campaign.

We have recently been awarded a $1,000 grant from the Voiceless program aided by the actor Hugo Weaving ( and in 2005 we intend to spend this money very wisely on a standout advertising campaign.

We continually go from strength to strength, educating the public as to the shame of greedy puppy farmers and backyard breeders who make their fortunes from breeding and selling unfortunate animals to pet shops.  Most of these animals are shopping mall impulse buys and they end up eventually at the local shelter or pound.

Think about it  - what happens to animals which the pet trade cannot sell - animals past their 'sell-by date'? What happens to animals when the shop closes up at night, at the weekend and over the holidays?

What do pet traders do about sick animals, given that the time and cost of veterinary consultations, transport and treatment would often outweigh the selling price?

We need to educate the public. Most people say "But that's where you buy animals from - a pet shop!!!". They just don't know what's going on. They'd be horrified if they knew that over 200,000 lovable and homeless animals have to be euthanised every single year in Australia.

You can help by telling everyone you know not to think they are 'rescuing' an animal from a pet shop when they purchase it  - this only makes way for others to suffer.  Backyard breeders and puppy farms are making millions from the breeding of animals - with your help we are already making a big difference.

Please come along to our website (link in the heading below) - Please tell your friends/workmates/relatives about our campaign. Please sign the petition, please buy our stickers, please donate to SAY NO and please download our leaflets for distribution.

Supporters of SAY NO TO ANIMALS IN PET SHOPS have something to add.

Bryan Adams, Daniel Johns from Silverchair, Krista Vendy, Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, ex Democrats Leader Andrew Bartlett, actress Denise Roberts, Judith Durham, Bianca Dye,  Frenzal Rhomb, Joan Jett, Suzie Wilks, Uri Geller and many others all say no to buying animals from pet shops.

I don't think people realise how many abandoned pets are murdered on a daily basis - nor do they realise that this horrendous task must often be carried
out by the RSPCA. No-one knows what to do with the huge number of unwanted dogs and cats. So if you are a person of compassion, instead of buying a pet from a shop, please save a homeless animal from death by claiming your new friend from an animal shelter. Before you bring your new friend home to live
with you, remember you are taking responsibility for the life of another living being for the rest of its days in this world. You cannot recycle a pet.

Judith Durham, OAM - Inspirational Singer/Composer and Lead Singer of The Seekers
I urge anyone seeking a family pet to save a homeless animal from a shelter instead of buying from a pet shop where animals are often kept in cramped
cages, 24 hours a day. Indiscriminately breeding dogs and cats as a commodity does not have any place in a compassionate society. So many
unwanted animals are being killed simply because there are too many dogs and cats and not enough loving homes to accommodate them.

Julie Johns, Mother of Daniel Johns - Silverchair
PLEASE do not buy pet shop animals... Please - go to the local pound - have a look into the eyes of those beautiful sad little creatures and PLEASE give
them a home!! Breeding for pet shops is so cruel - these puppies & kittens are kept in yukkkkkky conditions... We should NOT sell ANY MORE animals from
pet shops until all the animals in shelters have a safe home! What's wrong with us? How can we leave these poor helpless animals in the shelters to die
because we are so selfish?!

Bianca Dye, Nova 96.9
Buying animals from pet shops is crazy. Backyard breeders and puppy farm owners are making a fortune out of the suffering of animals. There is an
over-abundance of desperate animals in shelters that are literally crying out for us. Many thousands are put to sleep every year. Don't buy on impulse
from a pet shop; buy an animal from a shelter and put breeders with dollar signs in their eyes out of business.

Bessie Bardot
I once met a guy in the park who had the most adorable and friendly puppy but the next week when I saw him again I noticed his dog had changed . He
said the first puppy did not have proper papers so he returned it after bonding with it for 3 months and got a new 'pure breed' one instead. I was
horrified that he had not loved the puppy for who he was but rather what was written down on a piece of paper. Animals have personalities and are not
just 'items' one 'returns' to the shop.

Peter Alexander, Australian Sleepwear Designer
Like a McDonalds hamburger that passes its five minute shelf life of 'freshness' and winds up in the bin, so are these puppies and kittens when
they pass their 'cuteness' deadline. Please become aware of this and don't encourage the production line of baby animals for profit and industry by
purchasing from pet shops. Visit the countless shelters and house what already exists, there's enough companion animals waiting to become family
companions already.

Martin Dingle-Wall
Banning animals from being sold in pet stores is an idea that is long overdue to see its day. Every time I hear someone say, "Ya know, I feel bad
for the dogs and cats in those cages all day long!" I say, "You should feel bad, it sucks for them! No question about it!" The practice of buying
animals in a pet store promotes serious inbreeding at puppy mills. The breeding is so lightly monitored and the conditions for the animals are more
often than not, terrible and even reprehensible. There are countless homeless animals put to sleep everyday because they are without a home. The
miracle of birth is followed by the sadness of death for these unfortunate creatures. It is damn time that humans become responsible for our animal
counterparts. Time to spay and neuter. Time to examine our horrible practice of treating animals with disrespect and without regard for their well being.
Please join in stopping the practice of selling animals at pet stores and promoting irresponsible breeding for profit. Please look into adopting at a
local shelter. If you are looking for breed specific animals, there are virtually hundreds listed by animal adoption agencies across the globe.
Choose your companion animal carefully and remember to spay or neuter.

Rikki Rockett
I hope the time is fast approaching that the people of Australia will see it is immoral to manufacture, buy and sell life, use/abuse it as though it were
a commodity. Along with many others, this hope is that Australians will realize how inconsistent such a process is with a respectful and
compassionate society that is opposed to inflicting unnecessary suffering. The buying and selling of non-human animal life has no more morality to it
than the now defunct horror of the slave trade in humans. Under the present system whereby non-human animals are forced to reproduce over and over again
to keep up with consumer demand while locked in cages before their offspring are stolen from them and shipped to supermarkets around the country to sit
in yet smaller cages, all the while prodded, poked and gawked at under neon lights, cannot be justified on grounds of companionship or any other
grounds. Present conditions in our country no longer - if they ever did - justify an argument for the use of non-human animals for our survival: they suffer
merely for our pleasure and/or vanity. Therefore, until we can find a way to enjoy a new relationship with our fellow creatures based on the respect and
care we would want ourselves and those we dearly love treated, we must leave them and their habitats alone.

Josef Brown, Artist with Sydney Dance Company
It's so easy for people passing by pet shops to take a fancy to an adorably cute puppy or a furry little kitten. What they often don't realise, however,
is that pets need far more than the occasional cuddle. Animals can be demanding of your time, patience and money; and many of their new owners
simply don't have enough of any. Those puppies and kittens soon turn into the abandoned, bedraggled, hungry and neglected creatures we see battling
for their survival on the streets of every Australian city. Many are finally picked up by welfare agencies who simply don't have the resources to care
for them. So SAY NO to pet shops selling animals to casual passers-by. Turn making the decision to have a pet into a carefully thought-out commitment,
and a pledge for life. Buy your pet from an animal welfare agency, who can guarantee to have kept them in good conditions, with plenty of love and
care, and who are qualified to tell which homes will be good ones for their precious pets. It's a mark of a humane society how well we care for those
creatures who can't take good care of themselves. They deserve nothing less than the best.

Sue Williams, Journalist and best-selling author
There are enough animals in shelters all over Australia that desperately need a home. They are usually there because they've been bought at pet shops
then dumped. They all need a loving home so please don't keep the cycle going by purchasing animals in pet shops. They are mostly bred by greedy
people at puppy farms or backyard breeders wanting to make some money from animals. Animal organisations all over Australia put to sleep many hundreds
of thousands of unwanted animals every year.

Joe Chindamo, Famous Jazz Pianist
There used to be this ad on from the RSPCA around Xmas time with the slogan "A pet is for life, not just for Christmas". What they forgot to add is that
a pet, and all animals, are not only for life, they are for their OWN life, not for the servitude and pleasure of humans. Now I don't have any animals
living at my house, and nor will I ever. I know they're all very cute and nice to look at, but I live in the city, and the filthy concrete is no home
for any animal, barely even for humans! But if you do feel the need to fill that void in your life with a non-human animal, don't go shelling out the
big bucks for a 'boutique specially bred' animal from a pet shop. You'll just be proliferating the slave trade of animals, and showing that you
consider them just consumer products bought and owned by you for your pleasure, like that new DVD player or the purple two pronged dildo in your
bedside drawer. Animals bred for pet shops spend most of their lives cramped in cages all day long, locked away from the outside world they would love to
run around in. They may look 'just adorable' piled up on top of each other on those newspaper clippings, but it's no way to live. And buying one may
put it out of its misery, but that money goes partly to the slave trader behind the counter, and also to the breeding of many more animals that will
end up just like all the others. Instead, how about really saving an animal, by taking one home from an animal shelter, or a registered charity, such as
the Cat Protection Society in Newtown. That way you'll be breaking the cycle on slave trading in the pet shops, and really making the day of an animal
left to die by its previous owners. Companion animals may make you feel nice inside, but how much nicer will you feel knowing you've made a difference in
the lives of ALL animals.

Good bloody onya, Lindsay McDougall, Frenzal Rhomb
I am all for saving the lives of animals, they too think, have emotions and
feel pain & give love!

Peace & Love

Uri Geller, World-famous Psychic
What concerns me is that ANYBODY can walk into a pet shop and buy an animal. There is no screening... If people knew about some of the sick and barbaric
things people have done and do to animals they would also SAY NO to animals in pet shops. You would gasp at what can happen to these innocent creatures.
Anybody can just go back and buy more - like it's a supermarket! We need to THINK about this and the possibilities of what can happen when access is so
easy. Please go to animal shelters and save an animal that does not have a loving home and really needs you.

Suzie Wilks


Here is another bit of good advice from another organisation  that applies to any country in the world - We all have our 'Bunchers'
Why "Free To Good Home" Ads Are A Really Bad Idea
 What Could Happen To An Animal From A "Free To Good Home" Ad?

*    Tortured or killed by animal abusers
*    Sold to research labs for experiments
*    Used as bait for fighting dogs
*    Victims of neglect

What Is A "Buncher?"
A buncher either steals or "adopts" companion animals for the purpose of selling the animal. Bunchers can sell animals for one or more of the following reasons:

*    To be used in research labs
*    To be used as bait, for example, to train dogs in fighting rings
*    To be used as breeding stock in puppy mills or catteries

"Bunchers" can be very deceptive and they prey on people who place "free to good home" ads. They will sometimes use children as part of the ploy and present themselves as a "perfect" family. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

What To Do If You See A "Free To Good Home" Ad
Whether it is in a newspaper or on the Internet, please take a moment and contact the person who is running the ad. Let them know about the dangers of "Free To Good Home" ads and tell them to proceed very carefully with the adoption, including copying identification (driver's license), checking references, performing a home check before the adoption, using a signed application and contract, and doing follow-ups.
Do not feel embarrassed to contact the person behind the ad. You will find that many people are grateful that you took the time to inform them of dangers they were unaware of.
Moreover, please contact your local newspaper and ask them to run a warning about placing "Free To Good Home" ads.

There are people working this scam in the UK - watch out for them and don't let your dog become a victim.

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