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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Some E.Mail messages about BCR, Life and the Border Collie

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Here are some e.mail messages we have received.


This is an e-mail to say thank you.  A few years ago, when we were stationed
in the UK I called your organisation for some advice.  We had a 18 month old
male BC who was driving me up a wall ( so to speak).  I was unsure about
what to do for this dog, he was miserable, I was miserable and at the end of
my rope.  I called, talked with a volunteer, got a shoulder to lean on, good
advice and was able to make a decision on what to do with our dog.  That
literally changed my life.
Our "pup" Murphy is now 5 years old and the best thing that ever happened to
me.  He outgrew his "puppy years" with only minor problems.  We started
working more on obedience, a little agility, and now at our new home we are
able to try some sheep herding.  He is my constant loyal companion.  A few
months ago, I was out hiking with my dogs (we also have a rescue BC/mix) when
I slipped and broke 3 toes, needless to say I was in a lot of pain and didn't
know how I was going to get everyone back to the car.  I shouldn't have
worried.  When Murphy saw I was hurt, he came to my side, let me lean on him
to get up and then with a simple, lets go to the car Murphy, helped "herd"
Molly towards the car, walking slowly and always looking for me.
I just wanted to let you know that you made a difference in not only my life,
but my BC Murphy's life.

L. W. Honolulu, USA


I found your site today by accident whilst browsing agility net - I was very taken by the images of your foot & mouth appeal work. Interestingly a friend of mine who is a shepherdess on a rare breeds farm contacted another BC rescue organisation who were not keen to re-home to such a working home, surely at the moment working collies need all the help they can get. I’m sure some of your pages I’ve printed off for her will make interesting reading. I hope she contacts you.
PS. I note you have a very nervous bitch to re-home and thought she may be better off without other boisterous pets. I felt that about the cruelty case I took on as the others were so lively - she's now worse than they are!!

From YV


About 8 yrs ago my mother and I purchased two border collies from the same litter.
A lot has changed since then, children coming into the family and lack of time for them has resulted in behavioural problems. One of them has nipped one of the kids 3 times my own has growled and snarled at my 2yr old daughter. At this point we are now looking for help for them and believe they would be better in other surrounding with people who have more time. This of course would be a great loss to us both but rather that than have to do something more drastic.

From GM


I am concerned about my next door neighbours and the way they treat their puppy collie. My neighbours have 2 young children yet decided to provide a home for a rescue dog from XXXX Rescue Centre (who never even checked the family home). My main concern is that they have erected a 12' by 12' cage with which to leave the collie in during the day. Please could you let me know the duration of which a collie should be left without any company?

From AM


Would it be possible for someone to contact my partner on the following phone number as she has a ten month old male Collie that she needs to re-home.
He is very affectionate and playful, well behaved etc but with both of us working full time he isn't getting the correct quantity of exercise he needs. For these reasons we very sadly feel that he would benefit from a home that offer him more time for walks and play.

From JM


My neighbour looks after my dogs while I am away on holiday, and last week my border collie bit my neighbours friend on the ankle drawing blood. He has nipped two children before but I could not say if he was provoked or not. He is normally a lovely friendly dog who protects his property with my other dog a Lab. I do not know if I can trust him 100% now and wonder what to do about him. Please could you give me some advice.

From NA


I loved your web site and was very impressed by the amusing way in which some articles were put across. This site has been the best and most informing sites I have visited on working dogs and you have successfully managed to convince my partner that Border Collies are much more fun than German Shepherds!

From HD


i just love this border collie rescue website. i have 2 beloved border collies whom i just adore. i couldn't imagine not every having them. i reside just outside Toronto, Canada. i am always surfing the net for little tid bits of imformation and articles on the breed. i love this organization. what wonderful work you guys do...i have being trying in vane to find such an organization in this area of Canada, but, havn't had any luck. anyhow...keep up the good work. i love reading articles out loud to my two border collies from your website and showing them pictures.(they can't read yet.)mattee and t.j....keep up the good work..i had to drop you a line to let you know that i love your web site here..take care...border collies lover for ever MF

From MF

Dear Border Collie Rescue,

I need you to help me save the life of a beautiful, loving, highly intelligent Border Collie/Collie mix named Harmony.

She has lived in our home for four years. She has sadly been confined to our back yard and a very small patch of kitchen floor and utility room due to shedding and accidents. Our young daughters have been bitten from time to time, and since we have never honestly been able to afford training, it has continued to happen periodically. We came to a point this summer where my husband and I made a pact that if any one additional bite incident should occur, we would find another home where she could be trained, have enough room, get regular exercise, and live a happier life. Today, right after my two year old and I spent some time petting her, Harmony for reasons unknown to me ( I was in another room for two seconds) bit the baby's lip open. My husband is so furious that he fully intends to take her first thing in the morning to be put down. It would really be a huge shame. Do you have a way to come ASAP and rescue this gorgeous dog from an untimely death?? Please Email me back and let me know. Thanks, J A.

From JA


Hi I hope you can help with what is probably an all too familiar story.
Having owned a super border collie bitch, Bess for 15 years, when she died we decided to try and replace her. We met a chap who bred and trialled border collies ( quite succesfully) who had a litter of pups to place. We chose Pippin, needless to say Pippin, from working stock is a real handfull!
We both work and have a young son. Pippin is highly strung and nervous and has nipped at our son and his freinds / cousins. When alone with us she's fine. But quite honestly we can't cope and were really worried. Pippin has been speyed and is fully inoculated, she's house trained and
doesn't cause damage in the house. She's a beautiful looking long haired, black and white bitch. she'll be two in November. If you could help us to find a home for her we'd be so grateful.

From PB


Being an owner of 4 Borders myself and a very muched loved scrruf I found your site very informing and you can be sure I will visit again and again for help and advice.
please keep up the good work as you well know pepole are very misinformed when it comes to this wonderful kind loving loyal breed.

From JH


Dear Sir,

I am a Brazilian living in Edinburgh and wish to adopt a Border Collie to take to Brazil. The dog, preferably trained, would be living/working with my father at his cattle farm at the state of Minas Gerais (countryside). Is it possible to adopt the dog through you and take it to Brazil?
Please, send me more information.
All the best,

From L


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