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A BC Story from New Zealand

An e.mail sent in by 'HM' from New Zealand on 5/7/2000

It is great to see such a worthy and wonderful organisation having such a wonderful Website.

I got my first border collie in Sept 1999. he was left tied to a fence, starved, dehydrated with a huge wound around his neck, where he had grown into his collar. He had wounds around the left side of his face that were infected and have cost him some sight in his left eye
The SPCA in Dunedin, NZ got hold of him and nursed him back to health. When I adopted him after 2 months of vet care he was still bald around his neck and very skinny for a 7 month old puppy.
Eight months later, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
He has few ongoing problems from his past life. I can't wave sticks over his head before I throw them because he flinches and runs away. He has the most amazing obsession for food that I have ever seen in any of my dogs and he barks his head of and tries to slip his collar if I tie him up, even for just a few minutes outside shops etc.
He is so affectionate and loyal. It always brings tears to my eyes and makes me so angry that anyone could be so cruel to such a handsome little boy. It is a shame that he had to go through so much to come into my life, but I am glad that he is with me now. He has a very loving home, where he is treated like my own son.
It amazes me how quickly he learns. Agility is his favourite and he barks merrily while running around the course. Sit and stay took him a lot longer to learn though. I am so proud of my little boy, for being so brave and surviving.
Keep up the great work over there.                         'HM'
BCR Comment.
Hats off to 'HM' for the dedication and work put into her dog and for taking the time to write up and send us this story - which is both sad and hopeful.
It is sad that any animal should suffer as this dog has due to the neglect of the previous owners.
It is also sad to reflect that the problems of neglect and abuse are the same on the other side of the world - in fact - all over the world - as here in the UK.
It is hopeful because organisations like the NZSPCA and people like 'HM' exist all over the world who will take on a neglected dog and spend so much time and considerable expense in helping it to regain its health, trust and sanity - making time and changes their lifestyle to allow a dog a second chance.
But - there are not enough 'HM's' in the world and too many Border Collies.
Many other dogs are not so lucky.
If the cruelty, neglect, exploitation and ignorance surrounding the Border Collie - world-wide - sickens you as much as it does us - and if you want to make a difference - Join Border Collie Rescue to work for the dogs.
E.mail your name and address - postcode and telephone number to us
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