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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Introduction To BC Historical section

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In this section you will find old newspaper articles, etc., about Collies, Sheepdogs and Border Collies.
We have copied these from the original pages in our archives as faithfully as possible
You will have to bear in mind that there will be no mention of Border Collies in kennel club shows prior to 1976, because before that date the breed did not exist as far as the KC was concerned.
There will be no mention of the Border Collie before 1906, because the name had not been applied to the breed before that time and the Border Collie was simply another collie dog type.
We believe that the information displayed on these pages is  relevant to the Border Collie owners today, as it shows, in some cases, historical precedence of well recognised behavioural traits and problems.
It helps us understand some aspects of the evolvement of the breed and its relationship with humans.
If we cannot learn from our past, what can we learn from?

The links opposite will open pages here, with further information on that subject

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