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Border Collie Rescue - On line - Lynn Cashman - London Marathon
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Lynn Cashman Enters the London Marathon

London Marathon 2000

Border Collie Rescue supporter, Lynn Cashman, completed the London Marathon in 2000 and raised 954 for Border Collie Rescue.

We told you about her efforts and the extent of her training program in another article - Click Here To View - but - how was it ? - What was it like to join so many people in one of the biggest international running events in the world.

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This photo of Lynn, with her well deserved medallion, is copyright of ACTION PHOTO UK .LTD and is reproduced here with their kind permission

We leave Lynn to tell you in her own words -

I had taken up exercise as an aid to losing weight and soon discovered that while I loathed aerobics, step and push-ups, to my utter surprise I enjoyed running. Six months later and considerably lighter, I needed a goal to make sure I kept the weight off.
A chance conversation in the office about the London Marathon and my fate was sealed!

My friend and running partner Wayne and I, sent of our applications off in August and we started training in earnest four days a week on the 1st September. When our places were confirmed in early December we stepped up our training to six days a week.


April 16th 2000 dawned - dull, overcast and slightly chilly - perfect running weather! Wayne and I had opted to stay in a London hotel overnight, but even so breakfast was at 6am and the coaches left for the race start at 7am.
Needless to say, an enormous collection of butterflies had ensured very little sleep.

The atmosphere at breakfast and on the coach was very light hearted with the "old hands" dispensing lots of advice to us first timers.
We arrived at Greenwich at 7.30 - two whole hours before the start - and looked back towards London. The Millennium wheel was clear in the distance. Help - we've got to run back to that!!!.
By the time we'd disposed of our belongings, covered ourselves in petroleum jelly, and queued several times for the loo, it was 9.30

Due to the huge numbers of runners, it was 16 minutes from the starting pistol to my crossing the start line!  The crowds were tremendous, cheering us on, and the other runners offered encouragement.
I had met two girls at the start and we paced each other for the first twelve miles.
Our first mistake was to stop for the loo, but when you've got to go....... we totally lost the rhythm and it was difficult to get it back after queuing for 10 minutes!  
Shortly after that I developed horrible blisters and slowed to a painful hobble.
My new found friends disappeared into the distance. (It was weeks afterwards before I found out that they both finished OK and, as it turned out, they had both taken over 6 hours and I was only ten minutes behind at the finish)

The last few miles were painful, the cobbles at the Tower of London sheer agony, but I had joined up with another runner and we kept each other going. Buckingham Palace was a glorious sight and we managed to run the last stretch down the Mall to the finish line. 6 1/2 hours from start to end - but it was over!

I would like to thank the following people who made my part in the race possible:

* Wayne - I could not have done it without you.

* My colleagues and friends, Carol, Joan and Rita, who ran my errands, did my shopping and on occasion even walked my dogs, so that I could train in my lunch hour.
* My friend Sue Ross in New Zealand, who gave up two weeks of her proper job training real athletes to train me instead.
* Everyone at Border Collie Rescue and all who sponsored me - we raised a grand total of 954.
* And a special thank you to my husband Brian who watched in quiet bemusement as his couch potato wife changed into a keep-fit fanatic.
I was and still am, very disappointed in my time, after 7 months of solid training I know I could have done better - still there is always next year............

Lynn Cashman

And this is how it started in 1999 -

BCR supporter to run London Marathon

This is a photo of Border Collie Rescue supporter, Lynn Cashman with Ralph, from BCR.

Lynn went into training for the London Marathon in 2000 and collected sponsorship towards Border Collie Rescue funds. She raised 954.  Much to his disappointment, Ralph was not allowed to run in the event but - as you can see - he enjoyed the training sessions.

Lynn&Ralph.jpg (5509 bytes)
Photograph by Charles Doggett
We asked Lynn why she had decided to enter the London Marathon? Does she have an unusual definition of the meaning of Fun or was there a more serious motive?
"It started from my new years resolution that I made on the first of January 1999", Lynn told us and continued, " I decided to lose weight and started a diet along with regular exercising which was, in part, designed to be fun. It gave me a chance to involve my two dogs, Abby and Ralph, and increase our interaction - that's the fun part - there was a painful side as well".
For Lynn the effort has been worthwhile. Her overall strength and stamina improved and she lost weight - to date 4.5 stone. As her health improved she felt better and exercising became more fun. Of the two dogs, Ralph took to the road alongside her with equal determination and is now her constant running companion.
However, loosing weight to the London Marathon - a gruelling international endurance event - we were curious - so we asked - - why ?
"Its been great fun", said Lynn, "I was really enjoying myself but I felt I needed some extra motivation to ensure that I kept it up. The marathon idea came up and I thought it would give me a focal point and also benefit the dogs in Border Collie Rescue if I did it as a sponsored event.   The decision was made on the 1st of September 1999. It will be my first marathon".
The start was gentle but with the initial help of a personal trainer and by employing a body building method known as 'cross training', which involves the rotation of different exercises and sports to build all muscles simultaneously, Lynn has now built up a six day a week programme. It involves Swimming on Mondays and Wednesdays, Hill running and Sprinting 4/5 miles on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Cycling on Fridays and on Sunday - the main day - which includes 2/3 hrs paced running.
To top it all, Lynn now tell us that she is shortly off to New Zealand for a couple of weeks intensive training. She will be staying with a friend, Sue Ross, who is a marathon runner and came 8th in the very first London marathon. Sue is also two times South East Asian Triathlon Champion. Marathons got to be too easy for her !! For Lynn it will be a working holiday, but only in the sense that a change is as good as a rest!
Ralph will be staying behind - but he needs the rest. He is now affectionately known as 'Arnie' in the Cashman household due to his bulging muscles. Lynn says that any flab he puts on while she is away will soon be worked of on her return.
Lynn raised 954 from her marathon attempt. The amount of work and determination she has put into the training suggested she was serious about finishing. We owe her our thanks at BCR for offering to raise sponsorship.
Thanks Lynn.
You are here >>>  Funding & Helping >>> Sponsorship Ideas >>>  London Marathon 2000

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