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This is the background to the story of "Laddie", a 13 year old Collie.

This sweet dog was acquired by the Kelly family as a puppy and given the name of  "Lassie". He was known to often wander from his fenced in yard.

Mayfield City Animal Control had picked Laddie up on numerous occasions from various parts of this small Kentucky community and taken him to the Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter as stray.

He is well known to the staff of the Shelter as an energetic though well behaved and social dog. He had even found his own way to the Shelter for a visit; he showed up at the employees’ entrance where he has been taken into the shelter numerous times by Animal Control.

Because he wears a collar tag, he was always positively identified and returned home.

The Shelter personnel 'nicknamed' this dog Laddie at least 3 years ago.The collar tag that he wears does not have his name on it, just the name of his owner, Klinton E. Kelly with his address and phone number.

There was significant local concern for Laddie and the upcoming animal abuse court proceedings of his owner.

Letters in Laddie's behalf were requested prior to the Dec 15, 1999  court appearance for the preliminary hearing.

Approximately 1,000 letters and e-mails were received that addressed the importance of not allowing Laddie to be returned to his current owner,   Klinton E. Kelly, as well as requesting the maximum punishment be imposed if found guilty.


The mass e-mail and mail campaign has had an impact.

All letters have been appreciated.  They have made a difference!  A LaddieNews has been started as a OneList newsletter.   Everyone who sent an e-mail will have been automatically subscribed.

Those not wanting to receive the newsletter need only unsubscribe from OneList  when the notice arrives in their e-mail or use the 'unsubscribe' e.mail address below with the subject as Unsubscribe.  For now, anyone who desires to receive  LaddieNews that did not send an e-mail in support of Laddie should  send an e-mail with the Subject Subscribe to LaddieNews to the 'subscribe' e.mail address below.

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Or if you simply want to support this call for justice, send an e.mail with the subject as -
Help For Laddie to -

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or you can send regular mail for the attention of Dale McKinney at -
For Laddie -
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You are here >>> The Dark Side >>> Laddies Story >>> Background

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