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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Uncaged Update - May 2003
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This from Uncaged as an update on their battle against Animal experimentation and abuse - in their own words.
Dear All
Following victory in the legal battle with Imutran and Novartis, our movement has a historic opportunity to educate the public about the horrific reality of animal experiments, and the deceit and political malpractice that sustains it. Please help us reach out to the public by placing a news item on your website (see example below), linking to the website ( ) that contains these startling documents we have fought so hard to place in the public domain.

Historic victory! 'Diaries of Despair' exposed!

The Observer (20 April 2003) has broken the news of an extraordinary victory for anti-vivisection group Uncaged Campaigns following a gruelling 30 month legal battle. Earlier this month, the High Court in London ratified an out-of-court settlement that signified the collapse of Imutran/Novartis' attempt to suppress the "Diaries of Despair". Uncaged has won the right to publish over a thousand pages of documents that describe in unique detail harrowing experiments involving the transplant of GM pig organs into five hundred higher primates. Also revealed is Government malpractice and inaccurate hype of xenotransplantation by Imutran. The documents can now be viewed at

many thanks

Dan Lyons


Uncaged Campaigns
9 Bailey Lane, Sheffield, England, S1 4EG.
Tel: +44 (0)114 2722220. Fax 2722225

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You are Here   >>> The Dark Side >>> Iams Tests >>> Uncaged Update May 2003

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