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Border Collie Rescue - The Working Sheepdog 
A Scottish sheep farmer was tending his flock when a flash motor pulled up and out stepped a smooth businessman in a Yves St Laurent suit, Gucci shoes and a Cartier watch.

"If I can count how many sheep you have got on these hills, can I keep one?" he asked the bemused shepherd.   "Aye, on ye go son." said the old boy.

The stranger flipped open his laptop, used his mobile to dial into a NASA satellite site and programmed in a colour differential scan that would detect white shapes against the green hillsides. After 10 minutes tapping into the laptop he finally announced - "You have 11,236 sheep spread over 16.06 square miles. Am I correct?" When the shepherd nodded the man gleefully began putting an animal into his car.

"Wait." said the shepherd. "If I can tell you what you do for a living, can I get my animal back?"  The man nodded.  "Your a company consultant." the shepherd said. "Why, yes, I am." said the shocked stranger. "How did you know that?"

"Well." said the shepherd, "You arrive here uninvited and want to be paid to tell me something I already know and didn't even ask. On top of all that, you obviously know absolutely nothing about my business in the first place."


Our thanks to Frank Moyes for that snippet.

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