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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Thunder Storms
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Please adjust your speaker volume and ensure your dog is not in the room until you have set the level to a satisfactory volume.
The problem with many CD's that are offered as desensitising aids for dogs that are noise sensitive is the fact that the loops of sound are too short and after repetition the dog remembers that it has heard it all before and becomes familiar with the noises on the CD. It becomes desensitised to the CD but when it encounters the noises in real life, the fear remains.
BCR, working with sound engineers, has looked at producing longer sound files to overcome this problem. The theory is that the sound files are too long and complex for the dog to remember and become familiar. Therefore each time it hears the sound file it is as if it were new and unfamiliar. Gradual and careful exposure should enable the dog to become desensitised to the actual sounds, not just the sound of the recording. Both storms here are real sounds but one is a real storm, the other constructed in a studio environment using loops of real recordings of storms overlaid to produce a stereo 'artificial' storm that sounds quite nasty and violent.
There are two stereo storm recordings. There are loud claps of thunder on both recordings.
Download time will depend on your connection speed. Both start quietly.
Storm 1- 12 minutes
The first is a 12 minute recording of an actual short storm passing over the York centre. The recording includes sounds of dogs barking and other ambient noise caught at the time.
12 minute Storm
Storm 2 - 30 minutes
This is an artificial storm entirely constructed from recordings. It is 30 minutes in duration and gradually fades in on one channel followed by the other channel, passes overhead and fades out in the opposite channel to the one it started in. It is designed to be a very violent storm with constant thunder rumbling in the background and very loud claps of thunder rolling around the stereo field at its height, heavy rain, gusty wind, high wind and the sound of water dripping as it fades out.
The sort of storm you would not want to be caught out in.
30 minute storm
Any feedback would be appreciated. It will help us make these free recordings better in the future.
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