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Understanding Border Collies - by Barbara Sykes

As said, this is one of the best all round books on understanding the Breed ever to be written - well researched and based on years of experience -  this book is a MUST READ for all Border Collie owners - Pet or WSD..

Offering good value for money as a hardback publication for only 14.99 and full of photographs and illustrations, this book makes most other books that have attempted to cover this subject - redundant.

Like any book that really seeks to offer an understanding of the breed - this book starts from roots - the breeding of Border Collies as working dogs  - an area much neglected by many BC book authors who aim their publication at the Pet market. This is an aspect of the breed that is ignored at peril.

If you can only afford one book on Border Collies - this is the one.

If you can afford more than one - don't waste money on other books on this subject - there are many good books on other, more specialised, aspects of the Border Collie that you may find useful and more worthy of your hard earned cash..


Published by  - The Crowood Press Ltd, Ramsbury, Marlborough, Wiltsjire. SN8 2HR.

ISBN - 1 86126 280 9       First Published - 1999

This book can be purchased directly from the author - Barbara Sykes, Mainline Border Collie Centre, Golcar Farm, Spring Lane, Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire. BD16 3AU.

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You are Here   >>> Breed advice >>> Recommended Reading >>> Understanding BC's

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