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Border Collie Rescue - On Line - Book and Video by David Kennard
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A Shepherds Watch by David Kennard

Published by  - Headline Book Publishing, 338 Euston Road, London. NW1 3BH.

ISBN - 0 7553 1234 1       First Published - 2004

Also worth seeing - The year of the Working Sheepdog - a Video by David Kennard
A beautifully crafted video, narrated by Christopher Timothy which illustrates a year in the life of shepherd, David Kennard and his working dogs, giving insight and understanding into the relationship between a working shepherd and his Border Collies and the way they go about their varied tasks over the year.
Set on the wild coastal cliffs of Devon and featuring the stock working skills of 'Greg' and 'Swift', this is a really outstanding film that will not only educate the viewer but amaze and enthral.
Well trained dogs working with a skilful stockman in a stunning location, this video is captivating and
Now also available on DVD with a bonus chapter on the progress of the dogs three years later.
All available direct from the David Kennard website at

You are Here   >>> Breed advice >>> Recommended Reading >>> A Shepherds Watch

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