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Books on The Bloodlines of the Border Collie - by Roy Goutté

The Principal Sheepdog Lines

For some years now Roy Goutté has written a series of articles for Working Sheepdog News on the Bloodlines of the Border Collie in Sheepdog Trialling. They have been widely acclaimed by the working Border Collie fraternity, so it was a natural progression therefore to publish THE PRINCIPAL SHEEPDOG LINES, a collection of pedigrees and related articles of dogs, who have until recently, competed at the very highest level in sheepdog trials and are now central to the modern day Breeding Programme. 119 pages.

Featuring the bloodlines of 17 recent top trialling dogs together with their full pedigree charts and photographs. National Team Members also included and all main merit awards shown.


Welsh National Champion Ben 129820

Irish National Brace Champion Ben 134715

International Supreme Champion Bess 101142

Welsh National Brace Champion Bwlch Bracken 74660

International Supreme Champion Davy 131049

English National Shepherds Champion Don 108889

Scottish National Champion Dryden Joe 104626

English National Champion Gem 147666

English National Team Member Goss 91940

English National Champion Mac 183767

Irish National Team Member Nan 135567

International Supreme Champion Nan 186565

Dual Reserve International Supreme Champion Peg 125220

Triple Irish National Champion Pip 124578

Triple Scottish National Champion Roy 114678

Dual International Supreme Champion Spot 161819

Dual International Supreme Champion Wisp 161487

Published by Working Sheepdog News and released March 1995.


The Principal Lines Vols. 1, 2 & 3

The Bloodlines of the Border Collie / Working Sheepdog in Obedience.

How it all started and the bloodlines used. Some good chapters also on famous sheep workers i.e. International Supreme Champions Wiston Cap 31154, Bosworth Coon 34186, Roy 7696, Gael 14463 and Wisp 161487, plus National Champions Spot 24981, Gem 147666 and Roy 114678.

Other featured dogs are Brocken Robbie 24636, Cap 3036 and dual Reserve Supreme Champion Peg 125220 (dam of dual International Supreme Champion Spot 161819).


The Bloodlines

A compilation of Border Collie / Working Sheepdog pedigrees first written exclusively for Dog Training Weekly.


The Principal Show Lines

The Bloodlines of the Border Collie in the Breed Ring today

Available direct from Roy Goutté. 150 pages.

14 pedigrees, both in chart form and text, of the dogs thought most influential in the showing ring since the Border Collie was first recognised by the Kennel Club. Traces their ancestry back to the earliest sheep working lines.


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You are Here   >>> Breed advice >>> Recommended Reading >>> Bloodlines of BC by Roy Goutte

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