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BCR Member - Roy Goutté on Breeding and the Border Collie
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Roy Goutté has owned, bred and worked Border Collies for the past 25 years. His first Border Collie 'Boots' was Obedience trained and in all, Roy has worked 4 collies at Championship level before moving to Cornwall in 1994 to achieve a lifelong aim to become involved in Sheepdog trialling.

Roy became involved with the breeding of the collie and in 1990 he wrote his first book on the bloodlines of the Border Collie / Working Sheepdog in Obedience, 'The Principal Lines' quickly followed by Volume 2 and then Volume 3 in 1994.

Roy's pedigrees display all the dogs main Merit awards and achievements so you could see what you were actually getting, and this led to probably his most sought after book, 'The Principal Sheepdog Lines' being published in 1995, a book on the 'blue bloods' of the Border Collie world, showing, in pedigree form, the attributes behind each featured dog.

In 1997, Roy published 'The Principal Show Lines', a book on the bloodlines of K C registered dog in the breed ring. Much of Roy's time is dedicated to researching clean healthy breeding lines. CEA, although not a life threatening disease, has become a blight on the breeding programme, infiltrating something in the region of 75% of all lines. Roy's aim is, and always will be, to safeguard and improve the breed that he loves. He sees this as every breeders responsibility.

Roy's breeding programme has been based very much on the lines of Llyr Evans's International Supreme Champion 'Bosworth Coon' ISDS-34186 and John J.Templeton's triple Scottish National 'Roy' ISDS-114678. Roy is a devotee of extended line-breeding, viewing the continual and often indiscriminate outcrossing to current International Supreme Champion as detrimental to the breed.


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