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Recommended Reading

Whistle while you Work - by Viv Billingham-Parkes

This book is a MUST READ for all Border Collie owners - Pet or WSD - who want to gain some insight into the world of the working Border Collie and the way they think.

Published in larger format (8 ins x 8ins approx.) paperback, the 143 pages are full of insight into the ways of hill shepherds and their sheepdogs.

This is a well written book with a graceful foreword by Phil Drabble of One man and His Dog fame, and is lavishly illustrated with photographs, both black and white and full colour, and with line drawings, diagrams and illustrations

Stories of real dogs and real characters are written down in this book. It reflects a lifestyle that is sadly declining in these busy, humdrum days. It tells the stories of people who care and are passionate about their work, their life and their dogs. It tells of dogs that are passionate about their work and their owners. It tells the story of Viv Billingham from early days to 1998, when the book was published.

If you want a book about Border Collies that will entertain you, inform you, educate you and enthral you - this is the one.

Identification details - needed if you order this book from a bookshop or through a Library

Title - Whistle while you Work.

Author - Viv Billingham-Parkes.      Published by  - Atlantic Publishing.

ISBN -  0 906899 93 1      First Published - 1998



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You are Here   >>> Breed advice >>> Recommended Reading >>> Whistle While you Work

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