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Mead has completed her walk. A diary of her adventures is further down the page.

Read the story of her walk by clicking here

  What I am doing ------ or now - what I have done!


Starting on 29th June 2011,

I walked the Lady Anne's Way with my humans, Jill and Robin and some other new doggy and human friends.

The walk is named after Lady Anne Clifford, an Elizabethan lady who owned seven castles and vast estates in the old county of Westmorland during the 17th century, all located between Skipton and Penrith.

Each year she set out to visit all her castles and the route I will follow takes in the ruins of these once magnificent buildings, starting from Skipton Castle, covering 100 miles. The walk follows a circuitous route through the popular Yorkshire Dales, into the hidden delights of the Upper Eden Valley, Cumbria.

There is a back up driver, David, following us by car, supplying lunches and lifts for those who get too tired. The route does not follow the easy option as quite a bit of it is over the fell tops, so we hope for cool, but sunny, weather!!

Some days David will not be able to meet us for lunch due to the terrain and lack of suitable places he can drive to, so on these days I will probably not walk much as it will be long and hard and I'm still only 10 months old.

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I'm doing this for Border Collie Rescue because....


When me and my brothers and sisters found ourselves needing to be re-homed just before Christmas 2010, Border Collie Rescue took us in. If they hadn't we may have spent Christmas in an outdoor shelter because our owner was relying on selling us to cover the costs of our inoculations and care but, being new to breeding, had no-one lined up ready to take us when we were old enough to go.


We spent Christmas at the York centre and we weren't very well, but they looked after us and gave us a good time, our own heat lamps on 24 hrs a day and medicine to make us feel better. We even had a Christmas tree.


Then, when we were better they found us all good homes with nice people. One of my Brothers is up in Scotland near Loch Ness and one sister down in Cornwall. My other brother and two sisters are also in homes in different parts of the country.


All our homes are different and all chosen to suit our needs and inclinations to either work or play.


This is one way I can give a little back and help raise something towards the 800 electricity bill the centre had to pay for the two very cold winter quarters this year. It may have been a bad winter outside, but inside we were snug.

    Total Raised online - 247.50
  Total raised Offline -    90.00

Grand Total raised -    337.50 - Thanks Mead

Meads Adventure on the Lady Anne Way

I think we are going to do something special I stayed in a static caravan overnight, and all my bedding and food have come with me!  I met all my other doggy friends; two Jack Russell's and a small Lurcher cross.


Day one. Skipton to Burnsall 11.5miles


We started off at Skipton Castle, where Lady Anne was born, and walked to Burnsall via Barden tower.  This was a Lady Anne castle.  It was a lovely walk, the latter part along the river Wharfe.  I was allowed to go off lead along here, so I had to go in the river!  Burnsall is the most pretty place, and when we arrived it was deserted, usually it is full of tourists.  I walked 9 miles today and the humans did 11. I was very tired.




Day two. Burnsall to Kettlewell 11miles


I was put in the car and left when the others started off!  I joined them when they found a tea room en route, and walked the rest of the day, so I did 10 miles, which is a lot for a pup. We were up on higher ground and with the higher ground comes sheep, ground nesting birds and STILES!  I enjoyed the open country, but by the time we had finished for the day we negotiated over 30 stiles.  These were either stone ones with steps, which I could manage on my own, or ladder stiles over high walls, which I had to be lifted over and down the other side.  Jill and Robin developed some strong muscles during this walk!  I found it all rather undignified, but did manage to give Jill's face a good slurp as she lifted me down!  It was a beautiful walk, lovely sunny day, fantastic views, but very strenuous.  At Kettlewell the humans went off to the pub!




Day three. A split day to get the logistics sorted. Kettlewell to Cray, then by car to Askrigg to walk to Sedbusk.  10.5miles


We walked along the Wharfe again to Cray, finding another tea room on the way they do like their cups of tea!  We got in the car in Cray and were driven to Askrigg where we set out for Sedbusk.  It wasn't the best bit of the walk as we encountered even more stiles, these ones squeeze stiles with little gates with really strong springs so if we dogs weren't quick enough, the gates slammed in our faces.  The humans reckoned the stiles had been made for midgets!  We also encountered a field of cows and calves that looked a bit cross we normally never go in with cows and calves, but there was no way round these, so we gave them a wide berth and didn't look at them.  Half way along, we discovered that there was a bull with them..........   At the last stile everyone had run out of energy, and couldn't manage to open the sprung gate, so they all collapsed in a heap laughing their heads off we dogs thought them a bit odd.




Day four.  Cray to Askrigg 11miles


I didn't walk today, as it was very hot, and Jill thought it would be too far for me, so I went with Robin in the car.  Jill, Christine and the other dogs walked it and got sunburnt, but saw splendid views of Wensleydale.  They also met some farm collies of a dubious temperament!  We picked the Jack Russell's up in case they were rude to the collies.  Robin and I walked to meet them and passed a farm where there were some collie pups running around.  Their mother was chained up, which we all thought very sad.   On arriving at Askrigg, they all disappeared into yet another tea room!




Day five. Sedbusk to Thrang 11.25 miles


A very hot, humid day, so I only walked 4 miles, as the route was up an extremely steep hill and a long way on a fell track which was actually used by Lady Anne. This track went into Mallerstang, a part of the country none of the humans had been to before; they were most impressed; it was stunning.  They had to keep slathering on the sun cream, and stopped at one stream to cool their feet off while the other dogs had a good paddle and lie down in the water.




Day 6. Thrang to Brough 12miles


Even hotter and more humid.  Not a good days walking as a lot of the stiles were very difficult, and the walk description and way marking left a lot to be desired.  A lot of map consulting was done and we got lost a couple of times, but the views were lovely, and we passed Pendragon Castle, yet another of Lady Anne's.  Legend has it that Uther Pendragon, King Arthur's father, lived there.  I only walked about 6 miles today, as it was so hot.  I did get out of the car to do the last few hundred yards, as the end of the day's walk was right by the river, and I can't resist a river!  The humans were exhausted and vowed that they would never do another walk!




Day seven. Brough to Appleby 10 miles


I walked all day today, as it was a lot cooler, and we were by the river Eden a lot of the time. We all had a photo call at Brough Castle, Lady Anne's favourite one, and the one she died in. The scenery is a lot different now, we have left the high fells and are in rolling dairy country, with little villages and hamlets to walk through.  We encountered another large herd of beef cows and very young calves in a field that the footpath went through, but fortunately we found a way round, as those cows looked a bit savage!  Appleby is where the Horse fair is held, but it had been a couple of weeks ago, so the town was nice and quiet.  Guess what the humans found another tea room!




Day eight. Appleby to Cliburn 10.75 miles


Quite showery today, so it was wet weather gear. Us dogs are lucky, having waterproof coats.  Still in dairy farming country, so quite pastoral scenery.  A lot of the footpaths were very overgrown, we don't think many people walk this part.  The vegetation was above the human's heads at times, and soaking wet!  Us dogs just ran along in a tunnel underneath.  The villages were not as pretty today, we think it must be a more depressed area. We were walking in sight or sound of the A66 all day.




Day nine Cliburn to Penrith 8.75 miles


I walked all day again I am getting quite fit!  We all thought the last eight and a quarter miles were the longest, as we seemed to do big circles round places.  It was wet again, so the grass was like walking through a river.  We got to one field and the humans took one look at the long grass and went round by the road!  We walked to the outskirts of Penrith along the river Eden, then had to negotiate all the roadwork's that seem to have consumed the town.  We walked to the monument in the middle of the town that Lady Anne put up to her nephew, and there WE DOGS HAD A WHOLE ICE CREAM EACH!  The other dogs were collecting for Hearing dogs for the Deaf, so they had natty little maroon scarves to wear.  They didn't want me to be left out, as Jill hadn't thought to make a Border Collie Rescue one, so lent me a spare one of theirs.  I think we all enjoyed the walk!



All dogs and humans had a lunch break every day, we carried large amounts of water, which more often than not the dogs turned their noses up at, and gravy bones were issued frequently throughout the day.  Any dog that was tired was given a break in the car, but this wasn't popular with the dog concerned!  We had a cottage at Ravenstonedale, and were ferried backwards and forwards each day.


Next year we said that we would do a canal walk.........

Start at Skipton castle

 Lunch stop

Worn out pup

Paddling in the Wharfe


Above Kettlewell

Mead - waiting for her ride in the car

Above Semmerwater

Cooling feet

Mallerstang sculpture

Paddling in the Eden

Tall undergrowth

Brough castle

The finish at Penrith

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You are Here   >>> Funding and Helping >>> Sponsorship ideas >>> Mead -  Sponsored Walk

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